Welcome to Planet Pettyfer!

As you can see, there isn’t much here yet, but I hope to have a forum going soon. Until then,  keep checking back. I hope that I can make this the destination for Alex Pettyfer fans.  Stay tuned!


54 thoughts on “Welcome to Planet Pettyfer!

  1. Hey Chris – this is AWESOME! What a great job, Alex would/should be proud.I love the main pic and the name is very creative.

    I’m impressed.

    Hi guys!

    Great to see everyone here.


    • Michele!!! HI!!! Hey – I promise I;ll go back on IMDB to tell off that jerk Goob or Goosh. whatever. I used to post on IMDB all the time and the posts on that site make me nuts. I write movies so I use it for professional contacts – not like a fan forum like some nut jobs on there do. LOL.

      • Hi Karen!

        Great to see you again. How are your horses? I love animals and I remember you had some horse thing. Do you compete?

        I’d love for you to tell off that idiot, but Chris thinks ignoring is better. I do think the guy’s desperate for attention though. He answers everyone who says anything on that thread.He’s like the Energizer bunny that just keeps going.

        I agree, the IMBD board has a lot of crazies on it, and so many arguments. Sometimes it’s more fun to just sit back and watch, though.

  2. Hi Michele, I have one great horse. She is a hunt and show horse and I love her .I live in NY and drive out to Long Island where I board her. I just may tell that jerk off especially when he just lies! I mean blatant lies!

    Some girl rang up Alex at at a store – said he was drop dead gorgeous but was chubby and and had a gut? What? This twitter post was pretty funny. Grammar was not her strong point.

    • Hi Karen,

      I love horses and all animals. Do you do competitions in the ring?

      I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 parrots, macaws. I love them all!

      What girl rang him up – at a store? That doesn’t even make sense, she just happened to be there? And I’m sure he doesn’t have a gut. I do know that many actors take time off from working out in between movies, and who can blame them? Who wants to work out four hours a day to maintain that? But Alex looks amazing and if he has a gut, bring it on!

      And as for that jerk on IMBD, I’ve ignored him now because I have nothing else to say. He’s only repeating himself anyway, idiot.

      • Yeah i agree…better to ignore that jerk on imdb hehe.

        That tweet haha. Yeah i like how alex looks right now.

  3. Hi Darlene – did you get my email? I saw on Riley’s fan site you said Lian shut the site down due to leak of updates? What leaks? It was just a great fan site. What was leaked. I don’t get it? Love our new home. Thank you Chris. BTW there are some great Alex tumblrs out there. Some have very funny names! Tanned too much getting ready for my formal ball on Saturday. I am red as a lobster! UGH.

    • Is that why she shut it down? She didn’t say anything at all, I thought that maybe it was a money thing or she’d lost interest. I loved seeing those pics that you guys would post because that was usually how I saw stuff.

      Karen, you can get spray stuff to numb a sunburn – works really well.

      I’m so excited because we’re going to Cartagena on Sunday! So I’d better be careful not to burn!

      • by Darlene » 24 Feb 2013, 15:28

        [quote=”Yada”]Darlene, is Alex Pettyfer’s website shut down? It seems offline, which is a shame, the forum was excellent[/quote]Yes the host shut it down due the leak of updates.
        Friend made another site though http://planetpettyfer.org/ We’re all postin there now.

        Here is what I read.

      • The host (Starszz )shut the site down. They shut sites down when owners don’t update it regularly. And alexpettyersourse.com wasn’t uptated since August.. So yeah they shut it down.

        And Karen yes I did, just seen it. thank you!

  4. Yeah i think she meant lack of updates.

    I just remembered this. U know that cute pic lately of alex and riley on disneyland. I told karen it’s funny if we still have the forum im imagining chris telling us something like “i told u so” hahaha cos everyone else kept thinking they broke up. So ok chris…u can tell us now haha ;P

  5. I’m so glad they didn’t break up, and yes, Chris was right. We all jumped to conclusions because (speaking for myself here) that is what I do. 🙂

  6. Haha same here im glad too. For those of u who have access *hint* *nudge* has there been any new pics of them/him? (so nosy) haha.

    I also wonder what is alex next movie or project hmmm…there hasnt been any news.

    • Hi Bianca!! Yeah – Not even a whisper of anything new for him. The James Hunt movie in IMDB got updated into script mode but what is with Divergent? Shiaileen from what I see looks from the Spiderman set looks beyond average. But..is he doing it or not? Cast it already. Again – I wish he was never mentioned for Divergent – aka Hunger Games ripoff and Fifty Shades of Crap – the worst thing published since Twilight.

      So Jamie C Bower is attached to Overdrive – a move Alex was once attached to. Is that good/bad – is that movie going to be made? Will anyone see it? I don’t know.

  7. Thank you Chris for our new home. I feel unlike the rabid YA fans, We are normal and have outside interests. I must confess I get frustrated with Alex and his people. After MM I thought the parts would be rolling in. I took my frustration out on his agent.Now I feel that I am overreacting and being hard on Alex. He is very smart and savvy and seems to know what he is doing.. ]

  8. Ha ha! Jamie in overdrive? Priceless. He can make a career playing Alex’s cast-off roles. Isn’t this like the fourth or fifth cast announced for this movie? At one point didn’t they change the English brothers into American brothers? Good luck to them. They’ll need it.

    • Yes – Jamie. He was awful in Camelot. Overdive is really going no where. Cast changes – I can’t tell if they are filming – not filming – just don’t know. Even if it gets make I can’t see it doing to well or if it gets a release date

  9. Hmm . . . interesting. Thanks, Karenh. So Alex has a yellow Lambo? Even more interesting . . . Now all we need to find out is what movie he’ll be doing next and maybe some new pics would be a treat. 🙂

    Karen, I thought Jamie was pretty good in Sweeney Todd.

    I hope Alex hasn’t decided he’s not interested in acting anymore. I suppose when the right project comes along . . . don’t mean to get anyone worried. It’s just been a while. But some actors take years in between projects.

  10. Yeah karen posted that, but under the riley hawaii post haha. We should have like a format or something haha..it gets confusing…should we just keep comments here? Or should we comment on the new posts……this comment area is getting long too haha.

    • Bianca, you and Darlene are both Authors on this blog, so you can start new topics, which I wish you’d do instead of adding to this thread. Michele and Karen have not accepted my author request, so until they do they can only reply to existing threads.

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