Alex out and about in LA

Friend of mine tweeted me this picture. No idea if there’s more. But gonna look for it. 🙂

20130331-090426 AM.jpg

Edit: here’s more. Looks like he had a lovely day with Connor.


Endless Love adds another writer

The guy who created Bun Heads.  Also – Chris I saw your post in IMDB. I also am dying to know who are playing the parents. The book is really mainly about David and his relationship with both sets of parents – mainly Ann. Jade is really not a main character at all. I stopped posting on IMDB because everyone on it drove me nuts.

Endless Love – thoughts

OK – I read the book and saw the movie. Movie was pretty bad but it was like a car accident on the side of the road. You could not stop watching it and it was remained a movie to remember for a long time. The book is excellent and nothing like the move. Now..what is the directors vision? The book in pure form – which reads with a Catcher in the Rye feel or a (gasp) ya tween romance – Twilight with no vampire BS. How is the target audience. The book is really aimed at adults – its for lack of a better word – heavy and political and sexual and psychotic. Thoughts?

Flix 66 Movie Blog – I can’t stand this guy!!!!

He has an obvious love/hate for Alex for years. I say love/hate because the opposite of love is indifference that Brad S is passionate about his hateful blogs against Alex. I have slammed him in the past but I am going to find my inner Chris and ignore him. The fact this guy has a voice on the internet … well there – just ignore him.

Password Protection

OK, so I password protected the Paintball post, so you need to have a password to see it.  I will use the same password for any other private pictures that I post, so if you want the password, email me at