Long Hair? Divergent – yes or no

Is it me or is his hair letting long? Who want  him in Divergent. I think he auditioned and passed on it. Just a feeling. Meanwhile I want to be invited out with him, Connor and Parris – LOL.


6 thoughts on “Long Hair? Divergent – yes or no

  1. I don’t like it too long, but I prefer long to shaved off. As for Divergent, who knows. I doubt that he would have screen-tested if he wasn’t interested. I suspect that every actor in Hollywood under the age of 30 (and some over) has screen-tested for it. Shailene Woodley has gotten some good notices from the critics, but I don’t find her to be a very compelling actress, and from what I’ve heard, not much happens in the first book, so it would not be my first choice for him, but he needs to do something pretty soon.

  2. Yeah – he needs a new agent. He should not have even tested for Divergent. He is now and forever lumped in with the rest of the desperate YA actors group for a pretty forgettable book/movie. Or – he is taking a year off, or he quit acting and is exploring something new. His fast and furious friendship with Dave, Parris and Connor makes he think he is done with Hollywood for a while. I really don’t blame him. He is definately having more fun than me but I had a great time hanging out in Soho with my great friend Gus tonight.

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