I tried but I am no longer going to follow Alex’s Non Career

I have been a fan for many many years. I have (and all of us) have endured the horrible rumors that had been spread. As tried and true fans Alex has  done nothing to make his situation  even remotely better. He had never reached out to his loyal fans to give thanks for their support not given to any kind of charity. He shoves his I am so private in our faces everyday  yet leaks pics of him and Riley in bed. He has become frustrating to a point where is it is not fun following him anymore. He has no roles, projects anything but now suddenly as become an LA club kid. Yawn.On that note I am deleting my account here and moving off of Planet Pettyfer. I love you all and please feel free to e-mail mel. 


5 thoughts on “I tried but I am no longer going to follow Alex’s Non Career

  1. Karen???

    Wow. I’m stunned by this and I feel bad; I’m going to miss you. I think that Alex is just living his life and it’s not up for judgement by anyone but him. He has always been wonderful to his fans, which is one reason why I do support him. By posing for pictures no matter where he is (Restaurants, shows, with friends, etc) that is supporting his fans. As for the charity, I have no idea what he’s done, but again, not my call for judgement. The pics of him and Riley were leaked by her, (I believe) and maybe that’s why she’s gone more private. He’s hanging out with his friends – – – he’s young, that’s what he’s supposed to do. I’d much rather see him doing that than feeling lonely in LA, missing home. He has no upcoming roles but again, his business. Lots of them do that, depending on a number of factors.

    I like following certain actors because it’s a distraction from real life – – – for a bit. I did belong to a board years ago that became too involved, too much drama, too much upset if you didn’t answer everyone’s thread, etc. And though I still like the actor, I don’t post there anymore.

    Anyway, what I’m saying in a round about way, is maybe you’re a little too invested? At the end of the day Alex owes us nothing, just as we owe him nothing. Whether he wants to continue in film is his business, but one thing: I’d much rather follow someone like him than someone whose screaming for attention all the time.

    I hope you reconsider.

  2. Karen
    Umm i know you’ve been having these thoughts (even before in the forum), but you usually turn back around. There are certain moments, I do admit, that kind of threw me off or got me annoyed (like just yesterday with telling you that it is not David). But you’ve also been great, and I do hope you reconsider.

    Im actually having trouble on what to say….but Michele kind of summarized my thoughts.

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