I hate to admit – re: Fifty Shade of Grey

I admit I read/skimmed the first book. I did not like it but alot of my friend love it. I just kept my mouth shut (can you believe). But of all the casting rumors I have to say Alex really is the only one that fits the character.  I read Universal is scrambling for cast, a director etc and they are pushing to shoot soon. Now that Alex is out of  Dirvergent (or was never in Divergent) would he do it if cast?


5 thoughts on “I hate to admit – re: Fifty Shade of Grey

  1. It’s possible that it would be something that Alex was interested in, just because it’s something different from what he’s done in the past, but I still hope he stays away. I think the Fifty Shades movie has high potential to be one of the biggest train wrecks of the decade.

  2. I don’t think it would be a good idea for Alex to take on this role. For one thing, it’s mostly going to be women oriented, and for another, it’s not a first class flick. The books are sleazy, aimed at middle-aged house wives who haven’t had decent sex in a long time, and who can live vicariously though these characters. And while I think Alex would be great in the role, I think it would not be a good move for his career, since he’s working with first rate directors and actors, such as in The Butler. My friend gave me the book and, though it was trash, it was interesting. But the writing was crap and the story? So ridiculous. A college student who doesn’t own a computer? And that was just the beginning. No, I agree with Chris that it’ll be a train wreck.

    • No – a virgin college student who works in a hardware store who does not own a computer and it sooo irresistible when she bites her lip and the 25 years old billionaire with no personality and likes to hit you. LOLOL

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