Magic Mike gym training

Magic Mike gym training

Michael Vale was Alex’s trainer for Magic Mike. He posted this picture a couple weeks ago.


5 thoughts on “Magic Mike gym training

  1. I can see why the TMI fans were dissapointed in Jamie as Jace. Alex prepares for his roles and gets fit. Jamie looks so scrawny. It seems he did not go to a dialect coach hence the British accent and did not lift one dumb bell. Sorry, I don’t mean to pick on Jamie its just Alex works hard for his work. His accent was flawless in MM.

    • I dont know….when jamie got the role, cassandra clare suddenly said that jace has an accent, since he didnt grow up in new york. Im like…..suuuuure….

      Yeah i love that alex works hard in every role.

  2. Not to come down too hard on Jamie- I saw him in something I liked once- but he just isn’t Jace, and it seems like he didn’t try very hard at all. Of course, Cassie Clare just goes with whichever way the wind is blowing: Q: “How’s the script, Cassie?” A: “Oh, I love it. It’s perfect.” Q: “Hey Cassie, I heard they fired the original writer and completely rewrote the screenplay. Why’s that?” A: “Oh, the first screenplay was just awful.” Q: “You mean the same screenplay that you said was perfect a few weeks ago?” A: “Yep.”

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