Think this is regarding Endless Love?

Paige Ohrman@PaigeOhrman14h

When your agency sends you a script to audition to play the girlfriend of Alex Pettyfer>>>>>> uhhhh…

David does not have a girlfriend besides Jade if I recall correctly.


8 thoughts on “Think this is regarding Endless Love?

  1. Ok I just watched the last three scenes on You Tube and….I actually liked it! I got sort of weepy at the end. It actually followed the book pretty close. I have great faith this will be great and Alex will certainly be better that the original lead. He was very weak. Brooke was pretty good.

  2. Wow, this sounds like a really interesting role. (I just read the wikipedia link from Chris – I admit, I had no idea what this was about). Really interesting. I hope they stay true to the book because this could be awesome for Alex’s career. I will definitely get the book but pass on the movie.

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