Alex Presenting at theGLAAD Awards!


20 thoughts on “Alex Presenting at theGLAAD Awards!

  1. AHHH Dianna will be there!!!

    LA Host Committee

    Dianna Agron, Christina Applegate, Drew Barrymore, Matt Bomer & Simon Halls, Amy Brenneman & Bradley Silberling, Kim Cattrall, Jessica Chastain, Benicio Del Toro, Zooey Deschanel, Megan Ellison, Omar Epps, Dakota Fanning, Elle Fanning, Colin Farrell, Rob & Shari Friedman, Johnny Galecki, Adam & Jessica Goodman, Tom Hansen & Judy Hofflund, Tom & Ellen Hoberman, Josh Hutcherson, Kevin Huvane, Joshua Jackson & Diane Kruger, Craig & Lynn Jacobson, Milla Jovovich, Adam & Dana Kaller, Eric Kranzler, Donna Langley & Ramin Shamshiri, Ali Larter & Hayes MacArthur, Michael Lombardo & Sonny Ward, Bryan Lourd, Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer, Jeanne & Gary Newman, Alex Pettyfer, Ellen Pompeo, Ken & Carrie Richman, Naya Rivera, Gretchen Bruggeman Rush & Dan Rush, Molly Shannon & Fritz Chestnut, Jim Sturgess, Kerry Washington, Naomi Watts, Jason Weinberg & Merritt Johnson, Harvey Weinstein, Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth, Rick & Christina Yorn

  2. How great that Alex is taking part in this! As for the other, I’m glad he’s going to be there, and not be bothered (I hope he is not bothered) by her. There was a lot of bad blood with that one, wasn’t there? So for him to be doing this – good for him! And to hell with her.

  3. Actually, we don’t know if there was bad blood between them at all. Alex and the TV actress he used to date never made a public statement about any aspect of their relationship, and everything the tabloid media said about their relationship (and breakup) was complete fiction.

  4. Ah good to see Alex’ name on the list.

    Well both are grown ups so I think they can handle a ‘night together’ like this.

  5. AHH the L Chat! I loved lurking on the the L Chat during the Alex, Dianna, Lea Michele nonsense. It was like watching (or reading) a car accident. You could not stop – LOLOL.

  6. Back when Alex and DA where a couple, the girls (not women) who shipped DA and Lea Michele started a pretty intensive campaign against Alex because they wanted DA and LM to be together, and they were (and still are) completely insane. Whenever Alex’s name came up on a web post, someone from L Chat was there to spread some made-up story about him. He is a fame whore. He is using her to get fame (despite the fact that she has a supporting role in HIS movie). He is secretly gay. DA switched management, and that can only be because he is controlling. Then when they broke up the stories got worse. He beat her. There was a fire in his garage, so obviously he is an arsonist. I saw things about him in comment sections that were so blatantly false and slanderous that you would think that no one would ever believe them, but people actually did. I am convinced that Alex’s PR nightmares are the direct result of L Chatters who actively sought to harm his career. So I have no love for them, but I did sometimes have a good time trolling their site. I’m not proud of that, but it’s true.

  7. They were living in their happy world of “Achele” – analyzing every photo, every word, every movement until….that photo from Diseyworld was leaked they their lives were shattered! Alex was the devil in carnate. They had a member that had access to personal photos of Alex and Dianna and leaked them. They went on a crusade against him and I believe they were the ones who flamed those vicious lies. But they were funny. The best was the body language analysis of Dianna and Lea. Of course Dianna helped it along with her “I like Girls” shirt – cuddling kissing and hugging Lea in almost every photo of them together and her famous drunk Twitter rants. My favorite is when she blamed someone hacked her Twitter. It was very entertaining.

    • Oh yeah. Everybody acts like DA is some kind of plaster saint, but she really brought the crazy. Whenever she wrote something that was so stupid that it embarrassed even her on the morning after, she would claim she was hacked. Honey, you get hacked a lot. Maybe you should change your password.

  8. Plaster Saint! LOL I love it. Her “Call Me Charlie” tumblr was so pretentious and sophomoric. Her Tweets were just as bad and yes when she was really full of herself and probably a bit wine she would off on a rant and delete it the next day. Good riddence Dianna. I guess Alex is Rileys problem now (kidding of course) and the psycho loose cannon has another movie coming out and starts a new shoot in May.

  9. Ah I see, get it.

    I gotta admit, I don’t have anything against Diana, nor Lea, I love Glee. And in a way Achele is kinda cute, but the die hard shippers are the people I don’t really like. Personally I think Di is great she’s sweet to her fans but that’s about it and I love her clothing style. But I have nothing against her. I did when that trouble about their break up started, kinda frustrated me in a way.
    Di is a great actress and she’s doing a great job as Quinn.

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