Responding to an IMDB post

I don’t post on it anymore although I am tempted. There was a interview years ago where Alex (as usual joking) said he Fs – like a rabbit. As we know he is snarky and British and has a dry sense of humor. His father was there – but…he calls his step father Michael Dad and his natural father Richard. I believe they are not very close. I read in an interview he left for Australia and his mother raised him by herself. Also – I believe he was referring to MIchael as is hero. He seems very very close to his step brother and step father that you almost want to leave out the “step part:.


11 thoughts on “Responding to an IMDB post

  1. Yes, I am sure that he was referring to Michael Ireland, the man who raised him. Alex has a relationship with his biological father, but when he says “Dad” he isn’t talking about Richard.

      • Karen,

        For God’s sake, it’s only me on half of IMBD, DB, whatever, why don’t you poke your head in and comment? I promise to be nice. 🙂 I think I’m usually all right (I do have a temper, though but manage to control it there for the most part, unless people are total idiots but even then I try ). Sometimes Chris comments, and Eggie, (April) who is wonderful. Others come and go. It would be great to see you there. Go on – I DARE you!

  2. Yeah I know – I left you high and dry but for so long it was just so aggravating that I just stopped.I just come here instead. OK – I’ll post again but I cant promise to be nice because I do have a temper. LOL.

  3. Farhita, I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a good relationship with Richard, but in that interview he also says, “I’m a builder’s son” so at that point he’s clearly talking about Michael. So it’s a bit hard to know exactly who he is talking about at times.

  4. Alex is funny – a builder – Mr. Ireland is a property developer – like Donald Trump – hence living in Windsor and taking long lavish vacations. Alex seems to be am Ireland. He is very close to his brother. His natural fathers Facebook has only one photo of them together – the rest are off thei internet.

  5. It is true alex does spend time with his biological dad richard yes, and he is very proud of alex too. But Alex has spent most of his life with his stepdad Michael. I think he would be referring to his stepdad on that article. Yeah it is a bit confusing sometimes.

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