My wallet was stolen – pick pocket – unreal. My weeks pay and all my cards gone. Script reject from big company. Having a terrible day. Someone make me feel better.


7 thoughts on “My wallet was stolen – pick pocket – unreal. My weeks pay and all my cards gone. Script reject from big company. Having a terrible day. Someone make me feel better.

  1. Oh Karen, that sucks. Can you do something about your pay – stop pmt on the cheque? Script reject (at least it wasn’t an acceptance?) Sometimes life just sucks and theres nothing you can do. My mom passed in Jan. Not to say that getting your shit stolen isn’t a drag, but next week it will be over. You’ll have replaced your credit cards (of course you called them immediately, right?) Anyway, my mom was sick for a long time and she passed, and I was very close to her. I didn’t mention it to you guys, but she had C.O.P.D. from smoking. I used to smoke but I quit, and I don’t lecture people, but it’s a terrible, terrible, way to go.

    We’re in the middle of a move (to a great place, but still) and Storm, my 2 year old Shepherd, just blew out his knee and had an operation, which cost a lot of $. He’s in six months of rehab and, (get this) he’s not allowed to run, or go off lead. No ball throwing, no jumping. You try keeping a 2 year old idiot (for he is an idiot full of energy) dog still. We go for our 3 walks a day and he looks at me like, is this it? Can’t we go any faster?

    On the upside – I had a wonderful mom and will cherish her memories, always. My brother and I have become much closer, which would have made my mom happy. My husband is amazing and lets me write all day long, and— my dog is going to be okay.(if I don’t kill him first, lol!)

    So, Karen, upside? You have a amazing horse, which I’d love to see a picture of. What’s his (her?) name, by the way? You were not hurt. I hope you didn’t have anything precious that cannot be replaced, but you didn’t mention it, so, if not, that’s another bonus. Your script – you have it on your computer, right? A backup? And . . . you are here, you are healthy, and I don’t know about in NY, but here it’s going to be a gorgeous day.

    I hope that helped. 🙂

    Take care!

  2. Also, another thing to brighten your day: Alex is making another movie! YAY! Just look at all the new pics of him and you’ll smile. And when you smile, it’s true – you feel better. Life is too short to let shit get to you.

  3. Thank you so much! I do feel much better. So sorry Michelle. I should not be that upset about a wallet but I am still upset. Everything was in there. And my hard earned pay. Enjoy the latest gossip from our friends at US Weekly.

    • You’re entitled to be upset, Karen, I would be. It’s like when things aren’t right. I lost my purse once and it was my own fault, (which of course your wallet isn’t) and I was upset plenty. (I did get it back though.) Can’t you get your pay? Was it cash?

  4. I’m so sorry about that too, Michele.
    If my wallet got stolen, I’d be really upset too. But things will turn around for sure.

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