Alex at the gym

Alex at the gym

OMFG – I feel so lazy now! I have to hit the gym too!


16 thoughts on “Alex at the gym

  1. Itsmichaelvale ‏@itsmichaelvale 50m
    Alex Pettyfer getting dialed in for endless love great workout last night

    from his trainer Michael Vale – good job!

  2. Yeah, I have to agree. Teens are more like Alex in Tormented – though I guess some can look all buffed up, but I prefer a little less muscle – Beastly look. I agree with Farhita.

    • Same but he does look good!

      Quick hi from me, still at my friend’s place though but couldn’t resist to check how handsome Alex looked at the GLAAD awards!

    • Hello fellow Dutchie! Hoi hoi, Ben Darlene! 😀 😀 sorry beetle hyper Ben over mijn slaap heen en It op mijn iPhone.

      Translation: hi hi I’m Darlene, little by hyper, was about to go to sleep but I’m not tired anymore and then I get so hyper.

  3. HI Danique – you have such a beautiful name!! Welcome – two Dutchies – I love it. I live in New York City. I study fashion and I write movies. I own a beautiful horse named Gabby. I met Alex twice and he is amazing. We are a small but great group. Chris has to yell at me sometimes because I am a hot head – LOL. but welcome. So glad to have you.

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