Boston Terrorist Attack

I am strangely  not as affected as I thought I would be. I ran away from the Twin Towers on  9/11 and I lived in Israel and England and parts of Europe where this is nothing new. I feel calloused and jaded and I feel like – Yeah – it’s only a matter of time.


One thought on “Boston Terrorist Attack

  1. I’m sorry you feel that way, Karen, but I do understand it considering what you’ve seen. I live in Canada, and haven’t experienced terrorism as closely as you, and I was riveted to CNN yesterday. I felt terrible, every time they showed pics of the people who died, and hearing the stories of those were injured, and everyone who was affected, and I was so glad when they captured that little bastard.There were also a lot of people coming together helping, and the one guy in the hospital who lost both his legs but woke up from surgery and, barely coherent, had to tell his brother what he knew – the identify of the terrorist. So I try to stay optimistic. The police did an amazing job, the people all came together, and at least that’s a positive out of a negative.

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