17 thoughts on “WTF???!!!!

  1. I just saw this. On one hand, I don’t think the story is untrue, but also, it must be stressed, Alex has NOT been cast. And, note this line: “Van Sant was not officially asked by the studio to shoot a test tape.” Also, and I hate to say it, but if Van Sant DOES direct it, it just might be a good movie. I know, I know.

    One other thought. If people like Gus Van Sant are asking Alex to help them out this way, it says a lot about Alex, and that all they people who claim that Hollywood hates him are full of doo doo.

  2. I had to read the article twice…I’m like “whaaaat?!” It sounded really sketchy when I first read it. Yeah I think Alex is just helping out the director for the test tape, which is nice of him. But yeah I don’t think I want a 50 shades movie in general.

  3. I am in the middle of a project right now but… ok ..can ‘t wrap my tiny mind around this one. But, I do like Gus Van Sant. He is excellent and like good directors. I really hated the book but… The book of Endless Love was great the movie not so great. Maybe book horrible – movie great?

  4. Well I love Gus Van Sant. Alex likes only working with the best. So – I don’t know. Lucky actress!!! So – how can we get our hands on this tape!!! LOL I really really hated the book. UGH.

  5. According to The Wrap, Van Sant shot a test reel of a love scene between the lead characters Christian Grey, a billionaire with a taste for bondage, and Anastasia Steele, his young torture victim and sex slave. Alex Pettyfer, who last bared his bod in Magic Mike was cast as Christian Grey. I’m sorry if this is rude, but it sounds like Van Sant and Pettyfer making blue movies on their off time sounds more like a kinky hobby than it does like the start of a possible billion-dollar franchise.
    Universal Pictures and Focus Features, who hold the rights to the movie version of the book that everyone’s mom read by the pool last summer, have recently said that no director has been in talks and no actors have been signed. That meanst that this Van Sant reel is because he really wants the job or, well, he really wants some very personal footage of Pettyfer and his glistening abs.

    I though this was funny!

  6. I’m not sure why everyone on the internet, pro and con, is freaking out about this. GVS has not been hired to direct the movie. Alex has not been cast in the role. Calm down, everyone.

  7. Either just a bad case of illiteracy or they think that alex is closed to getting cast? I dont know. There are some people who are petitioning alex to be christian grey….and those people who just hate him.

  8. For me it’s more, they’d seen him as Christian now ad maybe they want him to be Christian. I mean it could.

    Not sure if I’m liking just though.

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