Fifty Shades Confirmed?

Hearing this is confirmed but not from anything like Variety….


14 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Confirmed?

  1. Im confused….. there hasnt been any confirmation or casting confirmed right? Wasnt alex just there for the tape for Gus?

  2. Alex Pettyfer Confirmed To Star In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Film — Source

    8 hours ago | HollywoodLife | See recent HollywoodLife news »

    Christian Grey has been chosen! A source extremely close to production tells Exclusively that Alex has been selected to lead the steamy production. Do You think he will be perfect in the role?

    Alex Pettyfer is about to become the object of lust for Fifty Shades of Grey fans everywhere, as can Exclusively reveal that he has been chosen to lead the big screen adaptation of the literary sensation. Keep reading to find out All of the details!

    Alex Pettyfer Will Be The Big-Screen Christian Grey

    Alex, 23, will take the lead, opposite of a to-be-cast Anastasia Steele, an insider Very close to the project tells Exclusively. We have also learned that the movie will begin filming in Spring 2014 in London. We can’t Wait to see it!

    It’s Hollywood Life so…..but…we need some casting news on Endless Love! Filming starts May 5!

    • Ugh hollywood life…..never trust that site ever. Full of crap.

      Yeah it is weird that they havent casted anyone else from endless love.

  3. I too have mixed feelings about Fifty Shades. If it’s done like 91/2 weeks type it could be ok. Gus is a great director and as much as I hated the book – I think Alex is the only Christian Grey.

  4. I’m also having mixed feelings about Fifty Shades. I rather see Matt Bomer as Christian. I do think Alex can do this and he’ll be good. He’s a great actor.

  5. I met Mat Bomer on the street while he was filming White Collar. Holy Crap – he was GORGEOUS!! But the movie studios would not have the guts to promote a happily married, talented, gorgeous gay man for this vacuous role which I am sure Mat would nail.

  6. As for this movie and as bad as I thought the book was – if they are going to do this they better make a move soon because interest in this is fading fast. Yes – it sold alot of books but so did Twilight – ok well that did make alot of money but – well I don’t know.I really hated this book so – well – whatever.

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