Great – Brace Yourself for the Riley Rumours


27 thoughts on “Great – Brace Yourself for the Riley Rumours

  1. Aaaw i do like Jared too. I think his site is the only one who doesn’t cause or promote rumours. I think anywhere on the internet you will find hate. Some people just hate for the sake of it.

      • Hi Bianca,

        I’m here, just crazy busy. We just moved so I’m trying to get everything together and not doing such a great job of things. Plus my dog had an operation so I’ve been back and forth to the vet. I have to keep his activity at a low level for six months, and he’s a two year old Shepherd. I’m hoping things will return to normal soon, but thanks for asking. 🙂 I feel loved.

  2. Omg, did you guys see those nasty comments about Riley? And all she was doing was walking with this guy! Nasty, nasty, people in this world.

    • I did see those its so disappointing first off that people believe the rumors and then there going to write the comments that they wrote its so sad and pathetic

  3. Hi Michele!
    Yes I assumed you were busy and I was like….I should mind my own business lol. But glad you are back.
    Oh I see. Aaaw hopefully your dog will get better. Everything will turn out fine. 🙂

    • Thanks, Bianca. My dog, Storm, is only two! He blew his knee so he had surgery, and now we have to keep him “quiet” — hah! Keeping a two-year old German Shepherd quiet? Not easy. But thanks for asking about me, I appreciate it.

  4. Michele!!! Moving is the worst. We missed you. Yeah – lots of very nasty comments about Riley and Nick all over. I have no comment. After the Dianna Agron debacle – at least what ever is going on is not aimed at Alex. Sorry to sound callous but I am an Alex fan, not a Riley fan.

    • I’m sorry but I have to agree with you Karen I find it a bit sketchy that while alex is filming she’s off flying to New York and getting snapped by the paparazzi with her co-star

      • Why? She has a life. She has friends. So does Alex. What is she supposed to do? Enter a convent for the two months that he is in Georgia? All you know is that Riley and Nick were seen walking down the street together. Maybe, they were in New York for work related reasons, maybe not. But please don’t presume to know what’s going on in Riley and Alex’s life.

      • I agree with you too Kimmy. Chris as well. But it does seem as you say – sketchy. Again – what ever is going on – it appears to be civilized. So far.

      • Remember that time when Alex was still with Dianna….and Alex was seen walking with Camilla Belle and they even had lunch together. It is the same thing. Do you guys find that sketchy? Maybe because we are biased towards Alex haha. If we maybe see Dianna with another man back then….we will be like “why is she with him?!”. You know what I mean?

    • Thanks Karen. I know, I can’t find anything and the place is a disaster! Ugh. Plus I’ve been running around a lot lately, anything to put off the unpacking.

  5. I agree with Chris, we really dont know what is going on in their lives. The only insight we get are the instagram photos that are uploaded by different people or paparazzi pics, other than that we have nothing.

  6. I guess the most important thing is, that Alex is happy. And that he enjoys his life and like the things he does. 🙂

  7. Awe you guys, I really like Riley, don’t rip on her. She seems like such a nice person and all she was doing was walking down the street with this guy . . . Alex has been having a blast lately at Conchewhatever (not from Cali and too lazy to look it up but the music festival) as well he should. And Riley was there with him, plus she took some awesome pics of him a while back.

    In any case, I hope they are both happy and doing well. I couldn’t believe those idiots, writing stuff about Lisa Marie and Pricilla Presley—so mean—and why? Because Riley was walking down the street with this guy? It’s beyond ridiculous.

      • I wold like to apologize for what I said I don’t think any things going on with nick and riley anymore I’m sure she loves him and I hope there’s pictures as soon as she sees him

    • Agree! I like Riley, she’s the sweetest person and when I see her posting pics of Nic, you can see they are very good friends.
      She comments the most adorable things on her photos or towards her friends.
      You can also see when she likes someone as a friend, family or boyfriend she’s committed towards the person.
      She’s just a girl who likes to have fun with her friends at the moment.
      And gosh guys her little twin sisters are so so cute!!

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