Alex at the Beach – WOWOWOWOW


Holy Sh-t ย I am in love!!!!!


36 thoughts on “Alex at the Beach – WOWOWOWOW

  1. WOW!!! Just a sec while I pick myself up off the floor!!!

    Amazing pics, you are right about that, Karen. Alex looks soooo great, and he’s having so much fun too. These made my day! Do you see the colour of the water? I want to be there!

    But when was Alex in Florida, I wonder? Also, does anyone know what the necklace that he always wears is? Just curious (enquiring—nosy—minds wanna know).

  2. Principle filming starts for Endless Love next week. He probably did pre production work and had a few days offs so he hit Miami. I know – like – wow. No words. I will try to enlarge pic to see the necklace.

  3. Wow! He looks amazing! And I thought he was busy working away there in Atlanta lol. I always love it when they get shots of alex talking, hes always sooo animated. He could probably make any story sound interesting haha.

    I know i kept seeing that necklace too. Maybe someone gave it to him? James wear necklaces too, but dont know if it is a matching one.

  4. OH MY LORD, I think I just had a heart attack!! He is so beautiful I can’t even handle it! It’s so nice to see him enjoying himself like this. He looks so jolly and happy it just makes you smile doesn’t it? But shame on those people who are commenting and saying he hasn’t retained his magic mike body and that now he has a belly. Seriously? It’s like they don’t have a proper grasp on what real humans look like outside of movies and magazines, he looks amazing!!

    • Really a belly?! ugh! This is why i never read people’s comments on those websites. I know! he actually looks so good! Yeah same…. love it when I see him so happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Right?! Silly haters, so full of negative thoughts that they can’t recognize a great thing (Alex) when they see it! lol I say long live the sexy Pettyfer!

  5. Sammy – you read that too? Beer Belly – out of shape – what?? Come on. I read from one fan site he was there last week. Wow – he looks so good. I love this shorts and beach looks beautiful. THUD!

  6. Right, Karen? I think those people must either be supremely jealous or have major eye problems! He looks SO good! And his shorts match the water lol I hope we’ll being seeing more beach photos throughout the summer!

  7. He’s looking great! I was on my way home when I saw it, and oh my god. I started grinning like a maniac. :$ His happy face is so cute!

    • I agree Darlene. We should all respect Alex’s privacy including his friends’ and family’s. We shouldn’t take advantage of that and never interfere.
      As for the necklace..yes theyre different. I guess if Alex had a matching one, it might be too girly? Hahaha. I dont know im just making stories in my head…dont even know maybe she just got the necklace for herself. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Calm down! I’m not saying that. And I said don’t take it personal. I was just saying that, but never mind.
      It’s great you found that information, really.
      Don’t get upset about me saying something about it. I was just saying hat was on my mind and just saying that we shouldn’t interfere with his private life.
      Once again don’t take it personally, this counts for everyone! An don’t get upset about this.

      (Sorry but I’m exhausted and getting sick again and need to go back to the doctor tomorrow.)

    • I think Darlene was just saying as a fan/fans in general. I dont think it was referring to anyone specifically. Sorry if it made you upset. Yes that is cool you found all those info.
      Darlene–hope you get well soon :/

      • Yes that was what I meant indeed.

        Thank you! I’ll let you know what my doctor said this time.

  8. He truly looks amazing. Most of all happy and relaxed. And for me personally, that’s all that counts. ๐Ÿ™‚

    About the necklaces…
    Seeing pictures over the years, this pendant now is definitely new.

    Just going by pictures: Before Tormented he usually was wearing a round pendant combined with an “all-seeing-eye” on the same chain. (left picture here:

    Then the “all-seeing-eye” vanished and what’s left was the other, round pendant that to my eyes very much looks like one of those typical Saints pendants. I’m no Christian, so I can’t make out what Saint exactly. Maybe somebody else can? (

    This pendant now though is definitely heart-shaped. So… my guess… maybe it’s from Riley? Would be a cute gesture, and IMO definitely beats a ring. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I hope we get to see some pictures from set and no matter what people say there just jealous and haters we love him no matter what ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜œ

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