What is with this Alex does not look good – this goes deeper

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It’s hard to believe he was the gorgeous young man that was in “I am Number Four” and “Beastly.” Maybe it’s his hair color. He looks better blond, and the extra weight, but he is not the hotness he once was. He looks 33 instead of 23. I’m beginning to understand more why he’s failed to get roles in Divergent and others YR movies. He used be so, so pretty. Such a shame, how he looks now.

Wow – what have we all become. this depresses me. 



8 thoughts on “What is with this Alex does not look good – this goes deeper

  1. That is so beyond horrible, I don’t even know what to say. Honestly, Hollywood is such an ugly thing. He’s only human, what do they expect? Not to mention they are dead wrong, he’s GORGEOUS! Swoon worthy to every extent. He’s just maturing into a man, he’s not going to look the way he did as a teenager. If he did still look the same as he did in Beastly, they’d find a totally different reason to criticize him! Ugh… It makes me so mad. (This goes for any celebrity or human being of course, but especially Alex!)

  2. This is just ridiculous I wish people would just gtfo and shut up I agree with you Sammy he’s growing into an adult just because he doesn’t look the same way he did when he was in his stormbreaker days or even his beastly days I love the way he looks and always will and obviously riley does 😤

  3. Oh god.. Everybody changes!! I had blond hair when I was younger, my hair is brown now. I was a bit chubby when I was younger now I’m more slim. I don’t look like the 16 year old me anymore. I changed so much.
    It’s human. Everybody does, even Alex. Sorry but they just got to accept this.
    It would be rather strange of you still look the same.

  4. I’d call it jealousy.

    And besides, as an actor he has to look the part of the role. Especially in a shallow world like Hollywood. That’s got nothing to do with him as a person. *grumbles*

  5. This is really ridicules. The comments from the Daily Mail are just down right mean, petty and well – jealous! Some Kristen Steward fanatic was lurking on Alex’s IMDB board asking who he was dating. I really don’t care for them. I hope he/she does not come back. At least we have this site.

  6. Karen,

    You should speak up on the IMBD board. I was just there now and replied to this. I guess what we have to keep in mind is that there are all sorts of people in this world. If Alex didn’t change, then I’d wonder. People change (hopefully) and they grow. He doesn’t look like a teenager anymore because he is not one, but that stupid little girl who wrote that is an idiot! What really bothers me is that these people who write such horrible things on celeb boards, do they not realize that actors are people with feelings?

    One time on a talk show they were trashing Sarah Jessica Parker. I love her, and I love, love, love SATC. Anyway, they were being so mean, and she called in to confront them. She said that she was a person with feelings, and they needed to realize that. It’s another form of bullying and it’s horrible. Did you read about Howard Stern? He’s been harassed on Twitter and he is hiring someone to find these guys and charge them. Good for him!

    As for Alex, I always feel terrible when I read crap like that, and I speak up because I would hate for him to feel bad about it. I suppose, being an actor, you have to have a pretty thick skin, but people can be brutal out there.

    And on that note, have a great weekend, everyone!

    • I know! I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, to be honest I’ve haven’t been following it enough. Just that he or/and his family was getting bullied on twitter and he was going to seek revenge.Actually, I take that back. Bullying is wrong no matter what, but he is the King of it sometimes.

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