Ok – please don’t think I am being stalkerish ….


Riley commented on a pic of Alex on his cousins Instagram…ok I am stopping right  here because I am being creeply – LOLOL.  Rained all day today. Drank too much on Friday and Saturday then had a riding lesson with my trainer this morning in the pouring rain. I am home – hiding in my room wet and tired.  LOL.


14 thoughts on “Ok – please don’t think I am being stalkerish ….

  1. Stalking Karen? You can do that—even with a HANGOVER? Now that takes talent, if you ask me. I only stalk with a clear head – ha ha ha. Sorry. I’m being solo obnoxious right now, and I’ll stop. I’m only kidding (I actually stalk hungover too! — No, no.

    All right, what’s up with Alex right now? I’ll stalk through you— (not quite as creepy, just really annoying). What drawing is he so excited about?

    Tell me more about your horse, because I love horses, and that’s not stalking. How often do you train, how old is your horse, what’s his/her name, etc, etc. Also, do you compete in jumps, races, or what? I’d love to know.

    • I love horses. They are my life. I own an amazing extra large chestnut pony named Gabby. I show in the jumpers and equitation. I also fox hunt (no kill). We have a pack of 30-40 hounds .Its the best thing I have ever done. I am in my 7th season with our hunt. Well, on Twitter – twice some one said they say Alex in Soho – NY or England – I don’t know but I do know filming starts on EL today.

      • Gabby. I like that name for a horse, Karen. We live near a lot of horses and they had a tour a while back, where you could go to all the different gables. I feel in love with one fellow, he was very handsome and he did jumps, etc. We got to watch them train, etc. I’m glad you don’t kill the foxes, poor things. I love animals, we have 7. Two dogs, three cats, two parrots. And they all get along (mostly).

  2. Oh, having problems commenting with my ipad ––– but I love the drawings! Pls Chris, disregard the comment from Michele Holm, it’s just me, trouble with password, etc. No need to be here twice. What I asked was, does anyone else like to draw or paint? I do, but it’s been a while.

    • Do you have the same problem with the ipad? Somehow i cant post a comment on my ipad when other people havent commented….or sometimes just making a new post im having trouble…but only on the ipad though.

      I love to draw too haha. I actually wanted to know how Olivia did this. Ijust bought a Bamboo stylus and cant even draw a face properly… I wanted to learn to draw using photoshop and illustrator. Im just not good when it is digital i guess.

      • She drew this on her iPad with indeed a Bamboo stylus.

        She’s very good in this.And gosh Alex is cute, just gosh my feelings.. Oh boy.

      • Bianca,

        Thanks for showing me that pic, I never thanked you yesterday.

        My ipad wasn’t letting me sign on and I forgot my password, so, yeah. Frustrating.

        You love to draw? That’s wonderful. I love watercolours, pencil and oils, and I love doing portraits, mostly. I also did murals on walls a while back but that was more whimsical. Bianca, drawing is a skill; you can draw a face, you can learn how. I have lots of books, then took lessons, but the lessons kind of turned me off after a while.

        I love art to be more of a free thing, and this was very structured. Basically, my teacher (who was brilliant and very patient, lol) was teaching us how to paint like the masters, learning about light and shadow, blah, blah, blah. I spent so much time doing it, but I prefer to paint/draw from an image, rather than have a live person sitting there, because I want to zone when I’m doing it and just turn the music on. Music is the key for me. But on drawing with pencil and shading, it’s all about learning how.

        I switched to writing and have put my oils away for now, mainly because there’s only so much time and I only have so much creative energy. Maybe one day, when the writing gets going more, I can do both. But if you like it, just get some books and have fun. Actually, oil is a lot more forgiving than watercolour because if you mess up, you can wipe the canvas clean and start again, or redo areas. With watercolour, you can’t.

      • Shes so talented. I can only draw a smiley face and a stick figure with that stylus hahaha.

  3. Oh, as for Olivia, how on Earth did she draw that on her iPad? I can’t even sign in to a freaking (I have edited out my initial word) sign into half the xx**&&%^^ sites! Wow! I”d love to see what she can do on canvass if she can do that on a iPad. Very cool.

    • That is so cool. I wanted to take painting lessons just for fun. I did get some books. I love getting them. I can draw but only on paper haha the traditional way (cant do digital). Im more comfortable with dry media like colour pencils. When it comes to paint and watercolours, i cant blend or control them that well. (I think I just lack patience, since you need to wait for the watercolour to dry to paint another layer and blend the right shade of paint). I had to take illustration and art classes for school, I enjoy them theyre really fun. We had some models come in….i like them both either way whether it is drawing from an image or a live person. Well our teacher always play music in class haha. I love that you are into writing. Yes you can do both, why not!

      I know Olivia is so good! She sometimes uploads paintings she has done on canvas on instagram and shes quite good too.

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