Filming starting – why not in NYC!!



9 thoughts on “Filming starting – why not in NYC!!

  1. Or why not in Montreal!?! lol I’m so angry that the last time he filmed here for Beastly, I had no idea who he was. Could’ve walked right by him and didn’t even know it!! I would not complain if he was the reason for a closed street here! 😀

  2. The book takes place mostly in Chicago.

    Just as an aside, there were parts of Beastly in which Montreal was standing in for NYC that look ridiculous. Especially when Alex followed Mary Kate down an street in Vieux-Montreal that look nothing like anything in New York. I love Montreal, I spent one of the best weeks of my life there, but it isn’t much like New York City at all.

    • That’s definitely true, I could tell exactly where that was shot and it’s probably in the part of the city that looks least like New York. That and Mont Royal doubling as Central Park lol that wasn’t very successful to me, but I guess they were trying to stay on a tight budget? I would assume Montreal is a lot cheaper to film in than New York. Even X-men is currently being filmed here, so I guess it’s the cheap place to go.

  3. I have always wanted to go to Montreal. I heard it’s amazing! I liked Beastly alot but as a New Yorker – it was definitely not New York. I wish they did film it there.

    • It definitely is amazing!! It isn’t nicknamed the city of festivals for nothing! 🙂 But it’s very different from New York…it’s a lot quieter lol And much smaller. I like to call it the mini version of New York and Paris (or Europe). But New York is seriously amazing, I went there back when I was in college and I can’t wait to go back! You’re so lucky to live there Karen!

  4. City of Festivals! Yes, when I was there the comedy festival was going on, there was a Jazz festival, the fireworks competition was going on, and I saw the Twins parade. And that was all in one week. I also accidentally stormed into a MusiquePlus broadcast because I thought their building on Rue Ste-Catherine was a music shop.

  5. The Musique plus building is a bit deceiving, so I totally get that. I hope you visited the Plateau area and had a bagel while you were here!
    There’s definitely always something going on, all year round actually. I don’t know if you witnessed any of these other things during your time here but during the summer there is also the Osheaga festival, Comicon, Fantasia film fest, the Fringe fest, museum day, nuit blanche (an all night museum, gallery and art citywide event), piknic electronik, the grand prix, Cirque du Soleil and that’s JUST in the summer. You physically can’t get bored here.
    Tell everyone and his friend to come on down and visit!

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