Great bit from an Extra!!!

  1. “Remember guys this is a party. Lets do drugs and run around naked” -Alex LOL

  2. Alex Pettyfer is so hilarious. Dude is awesome.



  3. I think I’ll have a glass of wine.

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12 thoughts on “Great bit from an Extra!!!

  1. Gabi ‏@Gabiiiii 6h
    “Remember guys this is a party. Lets do drugs and run around naked” -Alex LOL

    I love it . Alex is so funny. I want to be an extra so badly!

    “Alex Pettyfer is so hilarious”. Dude is awesome. – I love it. Yea – such a diva.

  2. I love hearing about stuff like this shows you the true side of alex that we all know and love.. Yeah he’s such a diva

  3. I just thought of the time that Alex presented at the National Movie Awards in the UK and he was being interviewed on the red carpet, and the interviewer says something like, “Are you going to be knocking a few back afterwards?” And Alex says, as he always does when someone mentions booze to him, “I don’t drink.” And the interviewer says, “Good for you.” Then Alex looks right into the camera and says, “But I do a Hell of a lot of drugs.”

  4. Oh I do. That was the funniest red carpet interview. He was hilarious and very cute reading the nomination at the National Movie Awards.

  5. Diva Alert – from an extra

    We Can’t Stop ‏@KhaleesiMiley 42m
    My cousin was on set with alex pettyfer yesterday and she said he was really nice and they talked for a while

    Oh he is just awful. A psycho loose cannon. Demanding diva – LOLOL.

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