Bit pissed off

Remember I posted a photo of Alex, where he was smoking? The one Rileu posted? It’s on tumblr now and and on Facebook.
That means that someone who’s following this blog posted it. I don’t know. But I’m kinda pissed about it actually. I asked both the tumblr and Facebook to take it down.

Also I’m gonna change the password of that post though. So other people can’t see it anymore.

Plus I know a few things, and I don’t really wanna share them if things like his happen. That means I can’t trust any of you and that sucks a bit I guess.

I do like you all, honestly. But I don’t like it when I see things I shared with you guys somewhere else online. I post things privately or a reason!

Rant over, I’m sorry guess bit I’m really frustrated about this!!


36 thoughts on “Bit pissed off

  1. Oh no!! It was not me or I am sure anyone on this site! I found a site called that has personal pics of Alex and Riley. It’s called Insane Journal. It was obviously someone who had access to Alex’s or Riley’s instagram.. I bet any leak would be from a Riley follower. I would be very pissed but I can assure you we would never do that to you!. UGH. At least the fake Alex on twitter can’t use it now.

  2. It’s actually jumping to a very big conclusion to say that someone here posted it elsewhere. The only way you know that is if you took the picture yourself and never posted it anywhere but here.

  3. Darlene, I’m sorry this happened. Why don’t you ask the person who owns that tumbler where she got that pic? I can’t imagine it was anyone here, and then you can put your mind to rest.

    • I asked of they want to take it down. I don’t know if they did.
      Rikey deleted that photo 5 min after she posted it.

      And I don’t think it’s any of you but Ido know some people who are not commenting on posts check this website a lot.
      ATM I’m at a meeting so I’ll check after.

      You know what really bothers me. Is when you tell people not to share or tell others they do. And that means I’m responsible for it and I don’t want that, you know.
      Cause I’m the one then who shared it with the rest of the world.

      So yeah..

      • I get what i mean, Darlene 😦

        Im not pointing fingers…maybe you can look at the list of all the people who the password had been given to? But i dont think the password was given to people who havent posted?

  4. Im so sorry about that, Darlene. I can assure you that it wasnt me. I also hate it when any of rileys or alexs personal stuff gets leaked. To be honest, this is actually the only place i talk or discuss about alex. I dont have any tumblr twitter or blogs. I have an instagram but it is private and my pictures.

    But i also dont think anyone here would leak it. There are other people following rileys instagram.

    • But I was thinking the same thing – we have the password, and you have to have the password to see the pic. Unless she got it from somewhere else? Again, I cannot think that anyone here would do that; there are only a few of us. But it would be good if you could get to the bottom of things.

      • I’m definitely gonna ask the person how he/she got it.

        I don’t blame any of you at all! I know you won’t do this. I just saw it and got so annoyed by it.

        So please don’t take my ranting personal okay?

  5. I know how you feel I don’t get why people on tumblr and twitter and Facebook delibirately put hers and Alex’s photos on there where there private and if I were in that same situation as her I would be deleting pictures too 😑

  6. A hard lesson I have learned is that if you want to keep a secret you had best not tell it to anyone. The same with pictures on the internet. Once it’s out there, it’s out there. If Riley doesn’t want people to see her photos she should not post them. I understand your frustration, Darlene, but it’s just a fact of life.

    • In fact she didn’t want to share it, since she deleted it. She deletes a lot of photos after she posted them though.
      And I know..
      I’m a photographer and I tag my photos with my name because I know people will take them. And even then they crop my name off the photo and stuff

      But I have to put my pics online otherwise people won’t notice me as a photographer..

    • I agree with you Chris. If Riley doesn’t want pics leaked, then she shouldn’t post them. Some of her followers are not her family or close friends. I don’t consider her Instagram “private” if she allows strangers to access to her private photos. If you let people you don’t really know see your private pics, what does she expect? I mean, let’s be real here. That’s one of the reasons I don’t post any private pics anywhere, including my author site. I don’t trust people.

      • I followed her before she made it private. She blocked a lot of people she didn’t know.
        And she deleted that photo after 5 min or less.

  7. Chris is right. No matter how private or password protected – once it’s out there it’s out there. It is pretty easy to access private pics. Not that I do it but I stumbled upon private pics of R and A quite by accident. I never said a work. A few weeks later one of the photos was on tumblr.

  8. I understand your frustration, but unfortunately when it comes to the internet these sort of things happen a lot. Especially when there are so many people looking for private pictures of any celebrities/actors/obsessions, eventually they seem to come out and then spread like wildfire :\
    While this website tries its bet to keep photos as private as possible, there are many other people who might have access to the photos and alas, we can’t control that. It’s a risk anyone takes when they post anything online, even if their accounts are private.
    It really is a shame that they can’t confidently post their own private pictures without there being a possibility of any internet-wide leak, it must be really annoying if nothing else…they deserve their privacy, they are only human after all.
    I’m a very private person so this would irritate me if I was Riley or Alex. On that note, it definitely wasn’t me who shared the photo, I keep my Alex “obsession” to myself (it’s basically confined to this website lol).

      • Me too! Only my best friend knows. Lol
        And I’m a very private person as well. So that’s also a reason why I reacted like that.

  9. Guys, cool it down.
    I posted those pic of alex, the one of him smoking because I found it on this site, I don’t have Riley’s instagram, I don’t follow her and I saw it on this site without even knowing the password, so it wasn’t definitely private, so please do check privacy again before blaming anyone.
    Second off, I am going to delete that pic of him smoking but the ones of lucy I found them through her instagram and reblogged them, which are both public. Nothing to do with you.
    Have a good evening and please do accept my apologies.

    • Thank you so much Elena! You don’t have to delete the ones Lucy posted on her instagram. Her account is public and stuff. πŸ™‚ Apology accepted!

  10. YAY!! The person who posted the picture just posted a comment on tumblr saying that she deleted the post and was sorry

  11. Wow – Kimmie that is great!!! BTW – well said Sammie and my Alex obsession – only one friend knows and has her own obsession as well. – LOL.

  12. Oh cool! That’s very nice of you to tell us, Elena. That was weird about the password though? Well anyways yes come back and join us here haha. (ok I sound like this creep luring candies to kids lol)

  13. I’m not sure, but I think that that photo was posted publicly before we started doing password protection on private photos. Anyway, no harm, no foul, and thank you Elena for respecting Darlene’s wishes.

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