TMI board at IMDB

Wow they are vicious and stupid to boot. I can’t go there anymore. But feel free to check it out. UGH.


8 thoughts on “TMI board at IMDB

    • I know I’m like that too. I cant stand reading those nasty comments.This is why I just stay here in this site. But I do applaud everyone who is in there on imdb defending Alex.

  1. Ugh. 😦 Karen, those two are nasty idiots. Anyone who has such a need to put others down because of a difference of opinion have issues far greater than which actor is better for TMI. I think will say something, because I can’t stand to see you attacked like that, and I think we need to stick together. Words do hurt.

    • Hey! I did a sad face, and it came out happy!!! :(. oh. Oops. Is there any way to edit this? Also, (off topic but) how do we get other similes? And also, Karen, you kept it classy and did not sink to their level. I’m proud of you. (I would do a thumbs up . . . if I had a frigging simile!)

  2. You’re welcome, Karen. They were ganging up on you and I can’t stand that. The one guy said something, but nothing worth replying to. Maybe the guy ought to focus on learning how to read and write instead of bashing others, the dimwit.

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