The Butler Poster

Here is it:  but I am a little bothered. Why didn’t they put Alex’s name on it? I know there are a lot of big names, and he might not be as big, but he has been in a lot and will appeal to a younger crowd. Stupid marketing, if you ask me. There are names there that I’ve never heard of, that David Oyelowo, for one, and James Marsden too. And maybe they are bigger names, but they should have Alex up there too.


18 thoughts on “The Butler Poster

    • Weird, the text below said this: “The Butler comes to theaters August 16th, 2013 and stars Alex Pettyfer, John Cusack, Robin Williams, James Marsden, Alan Rickman, Minka Kelly, Jesse Williams, Liev Schreiber. The film is directed by Lee Daniels. ”

      The named him first though. Maybe they’ll put his name on other posters and stuff. Idk, could. We’ll see.

  1. Names on posters are contractually determined. Alex’s name is not on the poster because he didn’t demand it as a condition of his employment. David Oyelowo, I’m sure, has a much bigger role than Alex. Keep in mind that Alex’s role in The Butler is basically a cameo.

  2. I don’t want to come off as stalkerish but there’s this really cool pic on one of Riley’s friends Instagram account where she’s holding up something and it kinda looks like she’s wearing the black hoodie alex has the one he wore a lot for the I am number four promo tour

  3. LOL guys I’m on my way to work – Itravel by train – and there’s this boy who looks a lot like James! Only a bit younger and his face looks a bit puffy in a way. But besides that he could have been James twin!

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