Behind the scenes from Magic Mike

Can anyone find where this came from? I would kill for the video. You can see they are laughing during filming this scene.


7 thoughts on “Behind the scenes from Magic Mike

  1. It is actually part of the film, straight from that scene, I just checked. (yes, I do have the dvd readily available…no I’m not ashamed of it! loll) He actually does sort of laugh, but how could you not in that situation? haha

    • Oh haha. I actually didnt notice him laughing in that scene (maybe it happened for like a second haha gifs tend to make it look longer) i remembered him shaking his head 😛

      • Yeah the gif makes it seem so much longer haha so I thought it must be an outtake or something too but no, it is the scene. I think I prefer the gif 😛

  2. When I saw I, I asked te persons spit it. But honestly. He/she didn’t reply on it!

    Really? Is it in the movie? I never noticed that then.

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