Those crazy TMI fans.

There is a recent post on the IMDb board for The Mortal Instruments asking who should be cast as the character of Sebastian in a future TMI film. Of course, the first person says… Alex Pettyfer.   I kid you not.  Yes, I can just hear Alex saying, “I turned down the lead in your tawdry, little franchise, but you want me for a supporting role?  Count me in!”


6 thoughts on “Those crazy TMI fans.

  1. I have brought the insane TMI psychos up before. Some – not all – can’t get over the fact that Alex turned down – the role of the century. I remember when he was cast in Magic Mike one TMI fans wrote – he turned down the role to play the greatest literary character of all time to be a stripper – yes I kid you not. They – no all – are the ones that literally have made passive death threats – threatening to kill themselves and Alex – hoping he and his fans die. Wow – pretty bad. This all because deep down they don’t like poor Jamie. I wrote a few posts over at the IMDB TMI boards and found it to be not only maddening but depressing.

  2. I actually like Jamie — I liked him a lot in Sweeney Todd, which is one of my favourite movies. Those TMI people are just as fanatical as the Twihard idiots. They can’t separate “characters” from real people, fact from fantasy. I feel sorry for any actor who joins such an enterprise, because it’s a damed if you do, damed if you don’t kind of thing.

    They don’t seem as bad with The Hunger Games. Am I right, or are they as ridiculous?

    • I liked Jamie in Sweeney Todd too, and he was good in it for having exactly the opposite qualities that would make a good Jace- because he was androgynous, sweet, and vulnerable.

      I also enjoyed the first TMI trilogy, but I don’t have a lot of confidence in the movie. Even though they have cast many actors I love, almost all of the casting is insanely wrong in some way or another (and I’m not talking about hair and eye color). Obviously, from the release date it’s clear that the studio doesn’t expect too much from it. . I think that a lot of the TMI fans are aware of the shortcomings, and that’s kind of what makes them crazy. Like all the Alex hate is clearly because they thought he was the only person for the part and they are disappointed in Jamie, but the can’t say that because it would somehow be disloyal to their cause.

      To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to The Hunger Games fandom when the first movie was in production because I didn’t think Alex was the right person to play Peeta at all. I did see some of their craziness, though, when they were casting Finnick in Catching Fire. Alex would have been right for the role, but I’m not sure that he would have been interested in it.

  3. Why can’t the TMI fandom just leave Alex alone? I mean, really. He didn’t want to be a part of the movie, but people still want him involved. It’s so annoying. After turning down Jace, I don’t think he’s going to look back. He’s moved on. They mention him in the Infernal Devices series too.

  4. I think Chris said it best. If they don’t burn Alex at the stake for Jamie they are traitors to all that TMI. Deep down they know Alex would have been the perfect Jace….but Alex is beyond YA movies. There is nothing wrong with YA movies but he is just not interested. I am sure he was in negotiations but that is what actors so. I am not at all interested in the Hunger Games. I heard it’s pretty good but I just don’t even want to bother. I guess Finnick was suppose to be gorgeous of something. Well Alex is gorgeous so I guess he’d be a good Finnick. I wish the TMI movies well but I just don’t see them doing that well. I have no idea how EL is going to turn out. I do have high hopes for it.

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