Girl spotted Alex in his swimming shorts


30 thoughts on “Girl spotted Alex in his swimming shorts

  1. Taylor Blake @taylorblake1
    “@charlieboy_07: @taylorblake1 He’s got a mean wedgy” he was so damm hot so I didn’t care

    LOLOL – I love it!!! Alex with a hot wedgy!!!!!

  2. Oh. my. sweet. mother. of. lord. I’m about to have a heart attack lolll LOOK at that bum!!! Is it wrong that all I want to do is touch it? LOL

  3. Roxie R ‏@dysfunct_artist 2m
    Alex Pettyfer went through my admissions gate today at White Water! I officially love my job. #AlexPettyfer #SixFlagsWhiteWater #SoHot

    I love the twitter comments. I guess it’s official – Alex is hot! LOL.

  4. Whoa whoa, you got to meet him? I think I missed that memo. You are beyond lucky! The question is…how did you NOT jump on him hahaha because I know I would act totally inappropriately lol

  5. I met him twice. I was a blithering mess – my had to chug a glass of wine to gain my composure! It was during the #4 promotions in NYC. He is sooo gorgeous it’s like not even funny. And super cool – very very nice and kind to all his fans.

  6. Well – the fangirl wanted to jump on him but the fan was respectful to him – plus who needs to get hauled away by NYPD. Alex tends to attract good fans. There were a lot of Dianna A fans there as well even though she was not – they were annoying.

  7. Haha that is amazing!! I can only imagine what his gorgeousness is like in person! And I totally understand, you’re an honorable fan! I think most of us joke about WANTING to act inappropriately but wouldn’t out of respect for our lovely Alex 🙂 (and to not make absolute fools out of ourselves lolll)
    LOL but poor Alex, probably had to deal with Dianna fans fangirling about their relationship the whole time.

  8. Follow

    Taylor Blake
    Yes! He was in Atlanta with some guy at white water. I talked to him, he was really nice.

    Oh I’m sorry – I read on the internet he was a d–che – LOL

  9. I meet tons of celebs in NY. I had a soda with Keanu Reeves one day. But I am a huge die hard Alex fan so this was my first test if I could maintain my dignity – LOL and I did. He laughed at my dumb joke – posed for a photo with me. I draw the line – we are not friends – wish he was but he is not. I enjoy his movies and I like this celebrity status. I have to say – I think he has a great group of fans.

  10. Gotta give him props, he couldve been an ass and told me to fuck off but I got a smile and a have a nice day. From a shirtless actor. Hmm

    From twitter

  11. I love how he tries to deny it, like what? Me? Alex Pettyfer? Nooo. You MUST be mistaken. Silly boy, he underestimates his fans lolll But total props to him for being cool. He’s just so lovely.

  12. OH MY GOD!!! That sexy piece of… haha
    I love that he tried to deny it….he is so adorable.
    Why why is it when im busy and away from internet connection, always something exciting happens? Lol

  13. Personally, I would’ve like to see a front shot. Wet swim trunks with no underwear. That’s what I’m talking about.

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