I only write movies – does anyone know about filming movies?

From the looks of the making of Endless Love via internet blurbs – it seems endless (forgive the pun) and grueling. Non stop 12 hour days. Does anyone know how this works? There always seem to be a scramble for last minute extras and shoots that start at like 5 am – ugh

On another note. I am booking a trip to Costa Rica. If anyone has been there I would live some advice. Thanks.


19 thoughts on “I only write movies – does anyone know about filming movies?

    • Oh something went wrong. My first year of Uni I had to write scripts and film a commercial and a video clip so I know a few. Plus my mum worked on a few films and I’ve been on set with her. Helping her and been an extra twice in on of the films.

      Sometimes they are quite late owhtngetting extra’s and yes the filming hours are quite long. Sometimes they have to film a scene more than once. Just to make sure everything is “perfect”. Filming is quite stressful, my mum was sometimes so exhausted when she came home from from set. But it is a lot of fun when you work with the right people.

  1. Once the director came an hour late on set. Everybody was stressing out, also one ofthe make-up artists over slept. there was some kind f deadline as we were done filming at 1AM.

    God never seen my mum so mad, the makeup artists is a very good friend of her. And every got delayed cause of her, the director and another person.

  2. My hairdresser/friend’s wife is the production whatever on films. She has a crew of 300 plus under her, and she is the one who coordinates the day by day finances of what they’re going to do according to budget, and so on. So I’m always asking Vince (my hairdresser) about what his wife, Lynn’s working on and who she’s worked with.

    The list is endless, NOT ALEX (I asked). Right now they’re finishing Robo Cop remake, which has gone WAY over budget (Vince told me the cost but I can’t remember, just that it was staggering) and they had to move production from Toronto (often subs for NYC) to BC because the main guy or director (sorry, details fuzzy) is doing something there. I think it was the main guy.

    Lynn’s worked on so many movies. Vince has done hair for Jennifer Lopez, and others. Let’s see . . . Daniel Craig — Lynn worked with, and he’s really nice. That’s the film where he met Rachel Weiss.Actually, Vince says most of them are great. Lynn’s worked on a few Stephen King movies and he’s great, loved LOUD metal first thing in the morning. Heather Locklear (very sweet) umm . . . tried to get his daughter to meet Robert Pattinson but Lynn wasn’t on that film and security was insane . . .

    Lynn’s father was in the film business too, and she’s an accountant, so I guess she just took it from there. Oh, David Cronenberg – she worked on one of his movies and he is a super nice person. I had Vince read my first book and he reads it like a script, because Lynn’s always bringing them home. He gave me a lot of useful criticism, which I needed.

    Oh yeah, long hours but tons of time in between for the actors. If I think of more — oh, what’s his name? Colin . . . Firth? Colin . . . Farrell! Farrell, I had to look it up. Lynn worked on his film here, Total Recall, (that’s why she wasn’t on the Robert P. Cronenberg one) and he’s great. Also, Vince’s son works making the sets, which sounds very cool.

    Another really cool thing. Allan and I were in Cartagena on holidays in Feb, and we became friends with this guy named Dan, who (turns out) is an anesthesiologist doctor, and a real character. He does ALL the acts that come into Wisconsin, where he lives. Apparently, all acts (rock and roll acts) have it in their contract that they get checked out by a doctor before they go on.

    And Dan hooked up with this when he was a med student in San Fran. So — he’s met them ALL! Bono, Elton John, The Stones, Paul McCartney,(PAUL FREAKING MCCARTNEY! and BONO!!!!! Eeeee!) etc, etc, And I’m so into music, actually, much more than film—- music is my life. I love Alex, and there are a few other actors that I like, but I’ve always been so into music. And Dan had a million stories to tell, so that was very, very cool.

  3. Oh Karen, just noticed – Costa Rica! Very nice. Like I said, we just got back from Cartagena and . . . bring lots of sun tan lotion!

    I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but Cartagena was very safe and the people are amazing. Cannot wait to go back. Are you going to the rainforest? Unfortunately, the rainforest was too far from where we were, because I’d love to go there and see the animals, go on a zip line thing (if they have it there, I don’t know)

    Oh, and take lots of pictures for us! If you see Macaws, we have a Green winged and a Severe Macaws. We saw sloths (lots hung out around the hotel and they were so cool to watch climb the trees) and we saw parrots, but not Macaws. I don’t know if you know anything about parrots, but Macaws are a type, like a lab is a type of dog.

    Anyway, have fun! When are you going?

  4. I was just listening to a podcast where they did a long interview with the actor Rick Moranis, who was a big star in the 80s. He quit doing movies in the early 90s pretty much because he was tired of it and wanted to be a part of his children’s lives. He talks about how the actors wait and wait and wait, then act for 15 seconds, then wait and wait and wait. He also talks about being offered a good script, but he didn’t take it because he would be stuck in a “motel in the middle of the desert” for two months.

  5. I know this isn’t alex related…well kind of? But has anyone seen the pics from riley and her friend Alexa’s bday party last night I must say riley looked so gorgeous and it looked like she had a lot of fun too

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