Ok – I am an Alex fan. I only want him, his fans, especially here to be content and happy.. We as fans have endured alot and it can be hard. There is countless horrible things that we have survived. Now. OK – Riley just leaves me with a bad feeling. I stopped  (not that I even followed that closely) looking into her business. Is there a way we can separate Alex and his girlfriends?


10 thoughts on “Riley

  1. Tread carefully here, Karen. This is not the place to bash people, no matter what kind of feeling she leaves you with. We can not, will not, should not know the particulars of Alex’s life, so for now can we just say that Riley seems to be someone he loves, and leave it at that?

  2. I agree with Chris I also believe that we should also be careful with what we say on here it seems like they love each other and are commited to each other and I honestly hate trollers who make their lives all about bashing celebrities

  3. I am not a troller first of all. Second I did not trash her. This is not her site – she has her own. I just don’t see the reason to comment on her. Do it at her site. Sorry if I offended anyone.

    • I I’m sorry I made it seem like I was calling you one I wasn’t I was just saying how whenever you go on those blog websites that’s all you see are hate comments but I also do think that we should separate alex from riley on here and I really should try not to get my foot in my mouth again I am sorry Karen

  4. I personally think the only time we should mention Riley is if she’s in a public picture with Alex, or there’s public news involving the both of them. Like from an event or we hear news they finally got married. Other than that, I’d prefer we not talk about her here.

  5. Agreed that this is a site about Alex and not Riley, but sometimes things do go off-topic, and that’s just something that’s bound to happen. Karen, I didn’t say that you bashed anyone, but I did feel that I had to put up a caution sign when you declare that someone leaves you with a bad feeling. We all know that such talk can easily lead to hasty words and hurt feelings. As April said, best we save the Riley talk for times when there is something newsworthy, and verifiable, to discuss.

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