i just want to say

How much I love you all. I love being part of this special place.  I have to tell you -family finances have taken a toll on my family. I leased my horse to an amazing kid, 


5 thoughts on “i just want to say

  1. Aaaaaaw, Karen. I dont know how many times Ive said the same. I love everyone here. It is like a family.

    But im so sorry to hear about your family and your horse. Is it Gabby? (Correct me if im wrong)I remembered you talking about your horse. As long as you know the kid youre leasing your horse to is good.

  2. At least my horse is at the best stable with a full service groom. I hopefully can get her back in September. I am heartbroken but happy for my amazing pony.

  3. Oh Karen, I’m so sorry to hear you’re having troubles. And Gabby. I know how much you love her. Can you still visit her at least? Things will turn around, they always do. Do yo have other pets? Not that they would replace Gabby, but they might help bring comfort; they always do with me.

    And I love this place too. XO to all of you.

  4. In so sorry to hear about your troubles I hope you’ll be able to see gabby a lot and as my mom says it gets worse before it gets better. And I absolutely love everybody that comes to this website

  5. Im so sorry to hear this. I hope you get your horse back soon!
    Love you too! Indeed we’re like a family here. Love all you

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