Video of Alex on set!!!!


19 thoughts on “Video of Alex on set!!!!

  1. Wow they took a video(s) too! Love it. Lol at his socks and slippers!
    I agree he was so rude to the fans! *sarcasm*

    Yeah who is that other guy….apparently he is in mortal instruments?

  2. I gave a little scolding to the TMI fans on IMDB. I asked them to back off Alex. Obviously Alex is confident and classy and introduced his friend to his fans – telling them he is in TMI movie.

  3. Ik I saw this and was blushing so hard because as you guys are saying not many Selena would go and meet their fans and introduce his friends from different movies and that’ll be cool to see his friend in the movie he looks cute from what I can see

  4. Oh my goodness, I feel like a million things happen when I’m away from the computer lolll
    But those clips were so awesome, Alex is such a major sweetheart!! And very considerate of his fans since he didn’t have to go all the way to the gate like he did, but he’s just cool like that 🙂 …oh no what am I saying, no no, I obviously meant he’s rude and horrible…lol

  5. Remember Alex went to Miami with a friend and they walked past a strip club and all the Dianna fans went nuts… well it looks like that guy. He seems very nice and I loved the dog. But what part is he in TMI????

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