‘Endless Love’ films at Olde Town



9 thoughts on “‘Endless Love’ films at Olde Town

  1. Via Twitter some extra was next to Alex and Rhys on the lunch line. But that is it! No sighting of anyone. Not one single shot of Gabriella – I mean – come on the girl is gorgeous – you can’t miss her. I mean from the looks of the set it’s a big production and they are shooting all over every single day. Very wierd.

    • Maybe she’s more a person who likes to spend her spare time in her trailer? I don’t know, could. But stays weird indeed..

  2. I know weird – I mean there was a pool scene, multiple party scenes, graduation scenes, he has friends, the brother the mother – I have no idea.

  3. I think not a lot of people know the other cast, so that’s why there are no fan pictures of them. I mean I didnt know Gabriella before this. If Alex wasn’t cast in this movie, I probably wouldn’t have known Gabriella. Dayo was in Hunger Games…..I watched that movie and hadnt known it was him. I think Alex is the most known out of all of them.

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