That Little Lamb Tatoo.

Ok –  just putting it out there.  I personally would get rid of it.  


14 thoughts on “That Little Lamb Tatoo.

    • Same here. Though the only thing he could do about it is cover it up like the Emma tattoo or get it removed with laser?

  1. I never forgave Dianna either. I just ignore anything about her – which is not much lately. He needs to laser that off – in my humble opinion.

  2. Sorry to ask, but why did they break up? it was rumored that alex was psycho etc so i really dont know what happened

  3. I read even more – that she was pregnant and got an abortion behind his back because she was worried about his career. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is? Oh my God, I don’t know about Alex, but I’d go crazy if it were me! It’s so unfair.

    Also there were rumors that she was back with her ex— etc, etc. Not to start it all here, but Alex took a lot of shit for all that, which was so unfair. And, if it is true, I can only respect him for the passion he showed, and the love. Imagine having your career dictate your life — as she did. And I’m not saying she’s not a nice person or trashing her, (I don’t really have an opinion, don’t watch Glee) except for, come on. Get some perspective on what’s real, and a backbone.

    Where as Alex did not let his career alter his decisions. He’s never given into to that whole Hollywood fake, fake, fake existence, and again, utmost respect for him on that.

    • Michele, this rumor was published as a blind item- meaning that a) we don’t even really know for sure that it was about Alex and Dianna, and b) the person who spread the rumor couldn’t back it up, so they couldn’t name names without being sued. Maybe it’s true, maybe not, but it’s exactly the kind of thing we shouldn’t be spreading.

  4. I believe she fueled the rumours because she liked the attention. She would ramble on and on on her twitter and tumblr account saying weird things. Then she would claim her account was hacked. I don’t believe anything except Dianna cheated on him with Sebastian Stan. That relationship lasted a week. Her “I like girls” nonsense stirred more crap. If he really did threaten her and she had to hide in a hotel the police would have been involved.

  5. Maybe Alex has is reasons not to remove or cover it up. Maybe it wasn’t Dianna related? Doubt it, but it could.

    And who knows maybe he’ll cover it up one day or get it removed.

  6. This is not going to be the place to bash Dianna Agron or anyone else. I will repeat: None of us here knows what went on between them, and it is none of our business. You may share your theories about it all you want, but not here.

    • Sorry, Chris. I almost stopped myself . . . but then the words flew onto the computer screen – ah hem. Okay, okay. And honestly, I don’t have an opinion on Diana because I don’t watch Glee. I do think she’s very pretty (okay I guess that’s an opinion) and I liked her in #4. And I’m sure if you spoke with my exs — you’d think I’m a terrible person, blah, blah, blah. So, point taken.

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