Can Someone Just Keep me Off of IMDB

Why am I such a glutton for punishment. I made a benign comment on the Rush – the copy cat movie about James Hunt. Those posters were trashing the movie like crazy. I mention  Alex and Dreamworks own the rights to the book so they had to make it a rivalry story. Of course I am called an idiot fan girl and one poster wants to punch Alex in the face. I just  calmly  as I could said – just mentioning it – and the person who wants to punch Alex has clear anger issues or just self loathing. Can I block IMDB so I never go on it again!!!


Alex at a strip club?

Alex at a strip club?

ok so im kinda confused about this so i was gong through tumblr and a girl wrote on there the usual stuff about freaking out about how shes standing in front of alex and stuff like that you know the usual but here’s where it got weird she was saying that he was staring at her intensly but that he was acting wierd as well if you guys dont mind im going to link her page so you guys can see for yourselves 

P.S. im not trying to start any drama i just figured i could get peoples opinions on this

News about “The Butler” title dispute

Apparently TWC can call the movie “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” if they want to.

Also, it appears that the original movie The Butler an obscure silent short made over 100 years ago, which Warner Bros. claims people will confuse with the new film, no longer exists. Apparently there is not a single extant print of that film.