I’m getting a little fed up.

I would think by now that the people who use this site would be able to discern the difference between an actual news site and a gossip site that just makes crap up.  Regardless, we don’t need daily reports on the comings and goings of Riley Keough, and we don’t need to lose our shit every time she is seen in the company of a man.  She obviously has a lot of male friends and she can’t be fucking them all.  Forgive my language.


7 thoughts on “I’m getting a little fed up.

  1. Ok sorry for the title of my post. But wow – I did not deserve this beat down. I really don’t care what she is doing. I guess I should have clarified.l I don’t like it when rumors like this spread and Alex name is all over it – by association. Just go check Twitter and Google etc. The one good think is no is saying nasty things about Alex. Yes – this rumor has gone viral with Alex’s name right along with it. So please forgive me but please give me a break. I have having a really hard time with everything this summer. I lost my horse, my internship and I just feel unwanted and upset.

  2. I’m sorry for sounding harsh, but I feel as if we’ve discussed this kind of thing before. If you had said something like, “the gossip sites are at it again”, I wouldn’t have reacted that way, but you decided use an alarmist title, which seemed to be giving credence to these dung heap sites like X17. You are always wanted here, but I’d rather close the site rather than let it become a conduit for ridiculous gossip.

  3. Chris, I understand how you feel. We really shouldn’t be posting about unconfirmed gossip, especially when it has nothing to do with Alex. Since you feel so strongly, and you created the site, maybe you should delete any posts that you think are inappropriate. You’ve given everyone plenty of warnings already about what type of things are acceptable here.

    • Karen, sorry, but Chris has a point. And if he feels this way about gossip, I think he should start moderating. We contribute stuff, but it’s his site.

  4. Look, Karen, it isn’t about beating up on you. It’s about not being the kind of place the gets its fun from spreading lies, and not being the kind of people who believe every half-ass lie that goes around. We are not sheep. We are leaders, not followers. Alex deserves strong, smart fans, who use their brains. That’s you, Karen, if you let yourself be.

  5. I was not spreading anything. I hate it when these things go viral – that is what happened That is all I meant. Ok – sorry.

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