Riley and Rob????


12 thoughts on “Riley and Rob????

  1. I dont know……i feel like they got it wrong. Based from my own eyes (maybe theyre getting worst) she doesnt look like Riley to me… the profile is different? (But the photo is not really a good quality) Some people were saying it is her mom? I dont know…..

  2. Well whoever it is it looks like there just friends because I’m sure that in riley and Alex’s personal lives they talk about eachother and are very commited but you can also tell by the body language

  3. Oh for God’s sake. It’s a picture of two people riding in a car together. Who cares if it’s Riley or not? It doesn’t mean anything. (And, by the way, I just looked at the pictures, and no, it’s not.)

  4. And this whole thing is was started by X17, the site that claimed it had pictures of Alex mooning photographers, when the pictures were clearly not Alex. It’s the same site that claimed Alex hooked up with Rita Ora, of all people. X17 is the lowest form of scum imaginable. Do me a favor- NEVER link this site to that garbage pit again.

  5. I don’t really wanna react on this. But Chris has a point here!!

    And that’s not Riley. That person doesn’t look like Riley. She might have the Shane hair colour, but nose, mouth doesn’t look like Riley.

  6. Wow, I don’t want to stir this post pot again, but just to show you how ridiculous these rumors get… on Etalk (the celebrity “news” show) which usually gets its facts straight (or so I thought) is broadcasting on tv that the girl in the truck is Riley. Of course they say this but they have no proof, provide none and don’t even say if she or anyone confirmed it. These sort of things get so ridiculous. I say, let people live their lives, because when it comes down to it, it’s really none of our business who anyone chooses to spend their time with. Anyways, totally not hating on anyone here or anything, I just wanted to say, it’s on television now so this won’t be going away anytime soon. Joy.

  7. That’s good. I think someone should inform Etalk and all other celebrity news outlets lol Anyhow, it wasn’t so much that they were reporting it, it’s the fact that they report these things while having no idea if it’s true or not and decided to report it to the world anyways. Truth be damned. So annoying.

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