Some Interviews I liked

Hey guys,

Not so much news right now, but I was (procrastinating) and carousing YouTube. I’m sure you’ve all seen these (as I have) but I liked them. The first one is Beastly make-up, and I was really impressed with Alex’s dedication. I love how he’s carving out this great career for himself, and not just going with the grain, which would be so much easier. Three hours, then 12 of acting, then make-up removed? Can you imagine how exhausting? Wow.

Then the second one I love because it’s the Magic Mike, Extra interview and Alex is flirty and just basically seems like he’s having a lot of fun. And, of course, gorgeous — as always.

And then the third one I had seen a long time ago, and I loved that he said this – it was a story about a man at a zoo who was disfigured, and someone said something really, really mean about how the man belongs in the zoo, and Alex thought (rightly so) that it was terrible. Can’t find the interview, though.

Does anyone know which one I mean or where to find it?

But there are just so many to choose from.


8 thoughts on “Some Interviews I liked

    • He is so adorableXD I was going to list down my favorite ones, but it was so hard picking lol. i love these interviews 🙂

      • You should, Bianca. It would be fun. There are a lot more, the make-up one I just thought was interesting. But I love it when Alex is just being himself — he makes me laugh.

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