OMG! Poor, doomed Overdrive.

Well, we all know that Overdrive was originally going to star Alex and Matthew Goode.  That fell through and Alex and Matthew dropped out. Then it was announced that Karl Urban and Ben Barnes would star. Then Ben was replaced by Sam Claflin, and a start date was announce and that never happened. I just learned that now they plan going ahead with Travis Fimmel and, believe it or not, JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER.  Not to be mean but doesn’t it seem  that Jamie Campbell Bower’s career now consists of playing Alex Pettyfer’s cast-offs?


9 thoughts on “OMG! Poor, doomed Overdrive.

  1. Yes, let’s see if Jamie gets cast in Cali? I really despite JCB/TMI fans that hate Alex. They are pathetic. They really need to get over the Jace nonsense.

  2. The Seventh Son – with it’s generic trailer out today- got bumped to next year. Well not matter how it turns out Endless Love has a release date.

  3. Also, speaking of people who make a living with Alex Pettyfer cast-offs, I just saw the trailer for The Seventh Son, with Ben Barnes in the part Alex turned down, and wow, thank goodness Alex got himself out of that mess. I was just reading that it was supposed to come out last February, was delayed until October, and now is set to be released on January 17, 2014. Sounds like Warner Bros just wants to wash their hand of it.

  4. I saw the trailer. It looks like a mess. It is based on a series of books about a 13 year old! Ben is almost 30! Jeff Bridges just mumbles and looks ridicules. Glad Alex dodged this one. Sorry but how do you even market this movie? It seems the YA craze has finally ended.

  5. I don’t really like judging a movie only based on its trailer. I’ve seen amazing trailers that turned out to be the most boring movies and the other way around. Also, I’m a HUGE Ben Barnes fan. On my “list” Ben’s even above Alex. (Sorry. (And in my very own, very weird fan-girly universe, I even ship Alex/Ben. *blush* I know. I know. Sorry!!!))

    So, I’m definitely excited for Seventh Son, will absolutely watch it on the big screens and want it for Ben’s sake to rock. He’d truly finally deserve the international break imo. But… I haven’t read the books and am probably the most weirdo-Alex-fan anyways since I also can’t wait to see Mortal Instruments. Not for Jamie though, as I’m all for Malec through and through. Couldn’t care less about the Clary/Jace storyline… Booorrrriiiing!!! 😛

    Just wanted to say, please no dissing Ben? Thank you! XX

  6. I like Ben Barnes as well but…it’s just weird – the books are based on a 13 year old and the trailer looked like every fantasy trailer out there. I loved Ben in Dorian Grey. He was amazing.

  7. I don’t know enough about Ben Barnes to say, but I liked Jeff Bridges a lot. But, I also saw that trailer and thought What The ***??>>(*&&^^%%% Ugh. Not gonna waste my money or time.

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