Hmmm . . .

Two things about this article:

1/  If they do do a Magic Mike sequel, do you guys think Alex would be in it? And, if so, that would be awesome, and maybe they could bring his character out of the dark? I thought there was talk about a prequel, and so Alex wouldn’t have been in that, but more Channing’s character.

Stephen S. said he might direct? I didn’t post about this until now because I figured it was all just talk, but that’s what we do here, so why not?

Also, if Alex was in it, that would shut up the idiots who are spouting all the crap about him.

And the second thing about this article (other than the delicious pics): Picture number five — looks like Alex, and yet not. Not just because his tattoos are gone, but that guy —very gorgeous, though—just looks a bit different.  Is it Alex with a different camera or photoshop or is it not Alex at all?


14 thoughts on “Hmmm . . .

  1. Hmmm, It must be super photoshopped because if you compare the bellybuttons on pic #4 and #5, they are completely different and his face just seems, off? Like his nose looks smaller and straighter…. But on the other hand, the ears seem to be the same and he seems to have the same beauty mark on the neck. Weird. (haha I don’t mean to sound creepy by noticing these things, I swear!)
    Regardless, if the sequel happens, I really hope he’ll be in it!!!

  2. Yes I think Alex would do the sequel. I hope if it is a prequel, all of the guys would be in it. I mean if they only brought back the rest of the guys without Alex then people would start those rumors again. They could probably look into each character’s past? As for the picture…..i think they just photoshopped his head to a different body? I dont know haha. Like u said, it looks like him but not.

  3. Honestly I don’t think nº5 is Alex, it’s not his nose, nor his ears, also different body. That guys is way older than him, just a look a like model.

  4. I wouldn’t mind a Magic Mike sequel with Alex in it. I mean, seriously who attracted to men in his/her sane mind would?

    @ Chris: Thanks for clarifying on the article page. I didn’t really feel like registering there.

    • Oh, I just read what Chris wrote on the link. Thanks, Chris. Also, interesting to know where the different photographs came from, and what age Alex was at the time.

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