OT: RIP Cory Monteith

I just learned that Cory Montieth from Glee was found dead in a hotel room today. I know that Glee is a very polarizing show, people either love it or hate it, and I am one of the people who loved it. But you don’t have to love the show to understand what a sad, awful thing this is, that someone who seemed to have so much going for him should seemingly throw it all away like this. It breaks my heart. It really does.


10 thoughts on “OT: RIP Cory Monteith

  1. What?! Omg. I used to watch the show. Cory seems to be a really nice guy. I remembered I read in the news that he was going to rehab and Lea is supporting him. I didnt think it would end up like this. This is so sad. 😦

  2. Yeah oh my god. I love Lea and I can’t imagine what’s she’s going through right now. She was supposed to marry him in two weeks.

    And oh my god. Someone tweeted; tweet your idol you love them because I don’t have mine anymore.
    I just can’t think how it must feel to lose your idol, I don’t wanna think about it actually. This made me realise life is short and you need to cherish it and tell your friends and family you love them.

    • Tell your friends and family you love them.

      So, so true, Darlene. And also, live life to your fullest. Don’t let a day go by without being appreciative. Don’t take anything for granted.

      Trust me, I’ve learned this.

      I know it sounds corny, (and I’m not a religious person, though I am spiritual) but I am just so happy and appreciative that I’m here. And DON’T waste time on doing things that you don’t want to do — do what you love and choose to be happy because even happiness is a choice.

  3. I’m a Gleek. Finn wasn’t my favorite character, but I like Cory a lot. Also I’m a devoted fan of a couple of people who’ve been close friends with him. So, this is hurting on so many levels.

    Shit! This is River Phoenix all over again… Sorry, crying…

  4. I feel so sad about this; just found out this morning before I came here. Everyone said what a sweet guy he was . . . I feel so shocked. I watched the show and he was really good.

    I don’t know if it was intentional or not (they don’t know) but I am so glad Alex has made such a point of saying he doesn’t do drugs. Seems like Hollywood can be a very cold, very tough place, and drugs are in abundance.

    So, so sad. May he rest in peace.

  5. Thank you so much Chris for this post. It means the world to me.

    I’m sitting here right now, listening to all my Glee music and crying my guts out. Shaking all over and I just can’t stop. I can’t even…

    I’m so sorry for all his friends, family and all my fellow Gleeks out there! Lea, I’m so sorry!

    And at the same time I’m so scared! So scared for all those people I treasure so much and are – just like Cory was – part of the treadmill that’s Hollywood.
    I can’t bear this!

    I don’t wanna believe this happened. I just wanna go back to bed, wake up and realize this is all just a bad dream.

    Shit! Glee was supposed to be my happy place. It’s never going to be the same for me again.

    Sorry, for babbling. I just don’t know where else to turn to. And Twitter is killing me right now.

  6. I’m kind of amazed. Just out of curiosity I check out what was going on at the Achele thread at L Chat, fully expecting the crazy people there to be extra awful, but they have all decided to be decent, and the mods are enforcing a ban on Achele shipping for the time being.

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