Should Alex Play Christian Grey?


6 thoughts on “Should Alex Play Christian Grey?

  1. Based on the book a unanimous NO from me. I could barely get through the first book. I wanted to throw my Kindle out of the window. I could not stand the girl and the guy is creepy, ridicules and just plain stupid. Two thumbs down! If they ever adapt the book A Secret Society from Donna Tartt – now that is a book to movie I would love Alex to be in.

  2. Yes but . . . based on what it could do for Alex’s career? I say HELL YEAH!

    This book is really hot right now; this could catapult Alex into being able to pick and choose any role he wants. And because he has played such diverse characters in the past, I don’t think he’d have to worry about getting typecast, either. Also, it would pull him out of the teen thing, into the adult movies. All good.

    I agree Karen, the books were really bad in so far as the writing and they were trashy — but (all right I admit) I read them. A bit of trash, but entertaining. The first one I read because I read everything for my writing that’s popular, and, of course, I was curious, and the other two because I wanted to know what would happen and I had already bought them. The middle was boring; last one ended happily.

    The character of Christian Gray is deeply flawed and Alex could do an excellent job portraying him. To pull this off, the actor has to show many conflicting characteristics: This guy is controlling and yet sensitive; gorgeous — how many times did I have to read how fricking gorgeous he was? It was like, enough already, I get it! — and yet deeply insecure. He was successful but unhappy. And then he found love (awe, how sweet, huh?) and had another issue: his love for S&M verses his love for her.

    So that’s a pretty meaty role for an actor, I think.

    Also it’s a love story and I’m a sucker for love stories. I didn’t mind the girl, but thought she was too naive for what was she — 22? But she had the gumption to stand up to him, which is more than I can say for a lot of women. And I didn’t see him as creepy, just had major issues. But as soon as she stood her ground, he backed down. I have to admit, I liked that. Maybe some could learn from it?

    And the sex, well, whatever. They were consenting adults and it was, uh, interesting, to say the least.

    Oh . . .

    And from a purely selfish point of view — imagine the sex scenes with ALEX in them. YAY!!! Who cares about the rest!

    (And I do apologize to those who might be offended. I tend to be rather liberal in my thinking, and sometimes I forget that not all are. So . . . no harm meant.)

  3. Huge movies don’t always mean guaranteed future success for actors. Look at the Twilight actors. Their post Twilight careers are hardly stellar and being a house hold name has not helped them. The director for 50 Shades is a novice at best. How she even got the gig is a mystery.She directed one small indie film. I always wonder how people like that pay their rent – I assume family money or a good settlement. Unless they go the route of 9 1/2 Weeks – I can’t see this being a quality movie. I would guess it would do well on it’s opening Friday – with woman having hen type parties and then it drop off. I hope there is truth to Jim Sheridan’s Sheriff Street. Not that is a great director.

  4. Well, Robert Pattinson’s doing okay for himself. He can choose what rolls he wants, and isn’t that any actor’s dream? It would be mine if I were one, anyway. As for the direction, I can’t comment because I don’t know enough about it. But I agree with your 91/2 weeks point – a very strange movie that’s turned into a cult thing, and was good for Micky R. & Kim B. But I agree with you Karen — it has to be made into a decent movie or it won’t be good.

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