Alex Fans

I was just wondering….when or how did everyone here become fans of Alex? Just curious 🙂

I think I was reading City of Bones then and everyone kept fan casting Alex (they still do), so I wanted to know who that is. YA weren’t as crazy before. I didn’t know Alex then. I think he was just done filming Wild Child. That is when I became a fan and started watching his movies.

My story isn’t really exciting, so here is Alex as a dinosaur (Tormented video) lol.


12 thoughts on “Alex Fans

  1. It was similar for me, Bianca. I’d finished City of Bones, and I always like to look up the author of what I’ve read, and the buzz around the book, and this one had a lot. So I looked up Alex — because his name kept popping up, and I thought:


    The one pic of him looking sideways, (you know from Beastly when he’s finished working out) no shirt, blonde, and someone had angel wings on him (whatever, didn’t really care about the wings but he was soooo unbelievably gorgeous and that is still one of if not my favourite pic.)

    So I started researching, found out a whole lot of stuff, and some of it — not so nice. So, after more looking up stuff, interviews and watching Alex’s movies, I came to my own conclusions. I started posting on IMBD, because I didn’t like the way the press was treating Alex, it seemed like a lynch mob to me and really unfair.

    So I launched into a tirade of defence. And there I met April & Chris. 🙂

  2. I first saw Alex in Tom Brown’s School Days, not when it was first shown in the UK, but when they showed it on BBC America almost a year later. So I thought he was good, and he made an impression. I was a big fan of the Alex Rider series, and they announced that they were making the movie and that Alex had gotten the part, and I thought, this is the perfect Alex Rider. So when the movie came out in the UK I was following all the hype and really looking forward to the movie, so it was when Alex started doing interviews and press for Stormbreaker that I became kind of obsessed, because he was so awesome. Then it was a long time before I ever got to see the movie because it was never really released in the U.S., and I kind of built it up in my mind so much (and I finally saw an illegal download of the movie when the DVD was released in the UK.) By then I was at the point where I was Googling Alex’s name like five times a day. Then the same thing happened with Wild Child, and by then I was kind of an expert on him and completely obsessed. Anyway, not an exciting story, but there you have it.

  3. I’ve been a fan for so long, it’s hard to remember when I started. I think it was after I saw Alex Rider Stormbreaker. I just thought Alex was one the cutest guys I’d ever seen. After that, I started following his career and saw all of his films. I like him so much, that he inspired me to write a novel in 2009 and pen the hero after him. My ultimate dream is that it’s made into a movie one day and Alex is the lead male. There’s no one else I want for the role. 🙂 I’ve also designed a lot of graphic artwork using Alex’s photos. I’m one of his biggest fans.

    • I hope your novel becomes a movie, April. That would be awesome if Alex plays the lead. (if this happens, u would let us meet Alex right? Lol)

      It is funny every time I read a book nowadays, I always picture Alex as the male lead…..even if the lead doesn’t look anything like him. *obsessed*

      • I first saw Alex in “Stormbreaker” only a few weeks ago on tv. Not Bad, I thought, but he was only 16 when he did the movie, a child so to speak. 😉 I googled his name (also there were rumours about him becoming Christian Grey at that time) and found so many different photos and stories..I really didn´t know what to think…
        Then I bought Magic Mike on dvd…and somehow I became addicted on googling news about him every day (or several times a day), and so it started and I discoverd this site. 🙂
        Thank you for giving me such a warm welcome here and I have to excuse myself for my bad English (it´s my second language and I only learned it at school).
        This place is just great!!!

      • Thanks Bianca! If my novel ever becomes a movie and Alex is cast, I would be soooo happy. OMG, you have no idea. I don’t have a lot of dreams, but that is my biggest one. I’ll admit I get jealous when I see other authors getting their books made into movies. I always dream about photoshoots with Alex and other actors for my movie, and what he’d say in interviews about my character Riley. I imagine everything. LOL! I hope when the book comes out, he hears about it somehow. I know all it takes is the right person to read it. Then maybe my dream can come true. 🙂

  4. I hope I didn´t offend anyone with my post: Of course a 16 year old person is not a child anymore. But in comparison to my age 16 year old Alex was… O:-)

    • Haha no not at all. No worries sylke haha. He was really just a child then when he filmed Tom Brown. I think he was even younger than 16 when he filmed that. Well I hope u enjoy your time here in this site. Everyone’s great here 🙂

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