News about “The Butler” title dispute

Apparently TWC can call the movie “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” if they want to.

Also, it appears that the original movie The Butler an obscure silent short made over 100 years ago, which Warner Bros. claims people will confuse with the new film, no longer exists. Apparently there is not a single extant print of that film.


4 thoughts on “News about “The Butler” title dispute

    • I didnt want to sound blunt about it. It is just…it is a short that has been made over 100 years ago…a silent one to be exact…and WB just had to make an issue about it?

  1. It seems extremely petty to me, and extremely greedy people with too much time on their hands. But, the upside is the publicity that this will garner for the film.

    And yes, I do hope Alex attends the premiere . . .that caliber of actors is where (I would think) he’d want to be associated, so it would be a good thing for his career (oh hell, for us too of course) if he did.

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