TMI Fan Hate of Alex is just too funny – sad – but funny

Everytime you tweet #TMILondonPremiere @eOneUK Alex Pettyfer loses a strand of hair let’s make him bald

Wow – what a way to rally support for a movie.


38 thoughts on “TMI Fan Hate of Alex is just too funny – sad – but funny

  1. Hah!

    Seems to me they’re still really insecure about Alex, which actually says a lot about the sorry state of TMI. And even bald, Alex could rock the shit out of that role. Not saying that Jamie won’t do a good job, but the fans of TMI are not doing Jamie any favors by constantly hating on Alex. Idiots.

  2. I feel a bit sorry for Jamie. In the trailers he looks terrible, like he has been starving to death. And his line readings are so flat. I’ve liked Jamie in other things, but this does not look good. And Robert Sheehan as Simon is SO MUCH hotter than him.

    • I do think he should have adapted an American accent, the story is all about NYC. Remember when Kevin Costner did Robin Hood, American accent? He got panned.

  3. A real TMI fan would tell the Alex haters (and you know they don’t hate him-just mad he turned down the part) to knock it off. It under minds their so called Jamie is the perfect Jace. No other YA fan group is doing this nonsense. I don’t even know anyone who has heard of it. I just know it because Alex’s name was attached to the books as the perfect Jace.

    I feel bad for Jamie but also Alex. I doubt he reads this nonsense but I am sure he knows. I also believe when he was videoed by those fans in Atlanta and he told them his friend was in TMI – he was joking. Maybe his way at a little dig. Who knows.

    I just can’t see TMI doing that well.

  4. I was thinking the same thing Chris I personally liked jcb in twilight as cauis but every time I see the trailers or the people hating on alex you can always tell there a little bit still depressed that alex didn’t take the role but I think alex made the right decision to decline because his lime right now is far better than it probably would’ve been with tmi he’s got a really great girlfriend in his life and he’s in an Oscar contending movie

  5. I am really sorry to say this but Jamie looks just awful. I mean scary, sickly, skeletal awful. His lines – and Lily’s are just cringe worthy. And Jace is not British! How lazy – get a dialect coach. I loved Jace because the character in the book is snarky, funny, arrogant and very New York. The trailer looks like a low budget series on the Sy Fy channel. Did’nt any on set say – hey Jamie – did you workout? Or did you eat today?
    Man – Alex busted his A– to get ready for all his movies. Perfecting his American accent and getting into amazing shape. Look at him in Tormented and look at him in Magic Mike. He is dedicated.

    And he and his fans are not hating jerks. OK – sorry – I am raving.

  6. seriously, these people that STILL think Alex Pettyfer is the ‘perfect Jace’ need slapping upside the head with a brick.

    Those TMI fans are crazy and violent!

  7. Well, Alex was the perfect Jace. That’s why they are so upset. I imagine that there are other people who would have been great Jaces too, but they hired Jamie instead. We’ll see what happens, but it doesn’t look good. The movie has absolutely no buzz. I can’t stop myself from going to the TMI board at IMDb because the fans there are soooo deluded.

  8. I torment the haters on Twitter! It’s fun because they are not only vicious but deluded. All I do is post pictures of Alex as a reply. What are they going to say – oh he’s ugly. I did have a row with a limited little simp that called Alex a f—g-t. I refuse to even write it. She back peddled after other people called her out on it the tried to defend herself then of course put me on ignore! LOL.

  9. Okay maybe you know, maybe you don’t. But I love TMI. At some point they were maybe still are my favourite books to read. And yes, Alex was/is the perfect Jace. And I didn’t like it when the cast Jamie at first, but I had to live with it and I think he did a great job. But it looks like he lost a lot of weight and I’ve seen him act better than this.

    Anyway how much I wanted Alex to do this. I’m actually glad he didn’t. I’m glad he choose Magic Mike over this and other movies. He can develop himself as an actor and I think he couldn’t if he’d taken the role.

    It just sadness me when I read all that hate towards Alex, specially since I know a few people who are hating him now, wanted him as Jace! That’s just so weird and I can’t explain how it makes me feel. But I just don’t get it.

    • I agree, Darlene. I did like Alex as Jace, but u dont see me hating Jamie. I moved on and glad Alex chose Magic Mike over this.

      • You know, Darlene, I liked the books too, and I was hoping they would make a good movie, but it seems like they got so much wrong, starting with the casting- Not just Jamie.

    • Jace is not even my favourite character. Modestly I have a fav when I read a book. But idk I don’t have a fav when I’m reading TMI. I’ve no idea why.

      • Darlene, have you read the Angel Burn series? It’s really good, I bet you’d like it. I loved it. Also the Hush Hush series was fun.

        I liked TMI too(the first three and then she got greedy and added more on) and agree that Alex would have made the perfect Jace, but I think it’s good that he passed. Good for his career, that is. I did like Jamie very much in Sweeney Todd and I’ll go see this with an open mind.

      • Same here, Michele. I did like the TMI series (but only read the first three…i thought the series should have ended with 3 books). And I also did like Jamie in Sweeney Todd. He does look really skinny here in TMI. My fav character is Jace in the books, but in the movie I told my friend “Is it weird that I like Simon and Magnus more than Jace?” But I still want to see the movie, because I did like the books though.

        But yeah this hate towards Alex is getting ridiculous and pathetic. :/

  10. Btw about that tweet. About Alex Being bald. We know he’s handsome Beijing bald. We’ve seen him a couple of times when he shaved all his hair off.
    So what does the person what? Make us cry about Alex hair? Lol. He’ll stay gorgeous no matter what!

  11. I’ve never read the TMI because I’m not into the YA genre, but all this hate Alex is STILL getting is really ridiculous. Some people in the fandom act like he didn’t have the right to turn down Jace. It’s his life! He can pick and choose the roles he feels are a good fit for him. And no one knows the REAL reason he turned it down. All we heard were rumors. We don’t know if it was a salary issue or if Alex just plain ol’ didn’t want to do it. I don’t understand why they can’t just respect his decision. I think some of the people are hating on him because some fans still want him as Jace. They fancast him and use him in their fanart. So instead of directing their hate to the person doing it, they project it onto Alex which is really unfair. I mean, is it HIS fault that he resembles the character and people envision him? No. This really bothers me because Alex has moved on past TMI. Everyone needs to get over the fact that he’s not Jace. I’m so glad I’m not part of the TMI fandom. I can’t be part of something that has so much negativity toward someone I really admire.

    • I think it’s pretty clear that Alex didn’t really want to do it, but the head guy at Screen Gems wanted him and kept pushing it at him. I think Alex said that he would do it for $10 million knowing full well that they weren’t going to pay him that much. And the thing about “he doesn’t do YA anymore” was Cassie Claire’s way of saving face when he turned them down. I don’t know any of this for sure, but I have collected a lot of superficial evidence.

      • Yes, the president of Screen Gems really wanted Alex. I believe there were photos of them having lunch. I bet Alex did say give me 10 million – that is his dry British sense of humor. Between the director and bad script (no Magnus in the first script?) Alex said no – and then Magic Mike came along. Cassie did not help at all. Her unprofessional leaks on all sorts of social media just fanned the rumors and deep down I bet she is the most disappointed Alex did not take the part. The fact that other actors who are good actors and could pulled off a great Jace – Jake Abel for one – did not take it or were not offered makes me wonder – maybe this movie is just not good.

    • “I’m so glad I’m not part of the TMI fandom. I can’t be part of something that has so much negativity toward someone I really admire.”

      So true. I really have problems understanding all that hate Alex is getting…

      • LOL! Only in my dreams, Karen. But you know what…if The Howling Heart did get opted for a movie, and Alex was approached for Riley and turned it down, I would respect his decision. I’d be disappointed, but I wouldn’t start hating on him, and I would not lie about his reasons for turning it down. And I would tell my readers to please not hate on him either.

  12. Guys, this is completely off topic but I have a question, so Alex has stated in interviews that he doesn’t smoke, but I’ve seen comments (and pictures besides photoshoots) saying that he does. Besides the point that on candids he doesn’t. What do you guys think?

    • Maybe he’s a “party smoker” But I noticed that too. I can’t remember him saying he doesn’t smoke. He did say no drugs and alcohol. but can’t remember anything about smoking cigarettes. But then again, my mind is really fuzzy and I can’t remember stuff lately.
      And we all have seen the pic Riley posted of him smoking. And some fans said he smoked before he take a photo with them.

      • Yeah same…..i remembered him only saying no to alcohol and drugs, but i dont think I know or read all his interviews haha. I do think he smokes…..i think a fan saw him….it was at that stage theatre in London….he was smoking then? If I remembered it right?

  13. Alex has always steadfastly said he does not drink but I believe he is a smoker. He did say in an interview he was trying to quit before moving to LA. He smokes during photo shoots and of course that photo Riley took – which I love!

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