My Experience with Hollywood

I will leave the producers name out but Steve is my agent.  This producer is huge. I mean the real deal. This is after a pitch meeting we had at  his 5000 square foot pent house. I will censor the cursing. This is the an email I received this morning. 

That’s some low-brow BS
And I haven’t heard from Steven since
Seeing that you are f– him and playing games you two, I am not interested in working with you.
Even when you came into my aptartment for first time Steven was like “yeah, she’s gonna f***you tonight.” I don’t care I did not get laid as much as you exposed what I thought was a good biz partner (he was a major distraction while you were pitching -why did u want him there)
So adios
You blew it
And lose my info you disrespectful idiot
Do you just shoot one line emails to people like that who you don’t know?
You must have grown up like Steven-lower class, a disdain to have class and because you got nothing to lose you treat people like s***
I am going to have an interesting conversation “about writers” when I see Sophia (Copella) at Laura Azria’s party

TMI Gets a Sequel? #4 Does Not?

So far TMI has earned globally $14m – that is globally. #4 earned $150 m globally – both on 60 Million dollar budgets.

Are they really going forward with a TMI sequel? How? #4 may not have been a huge block buster but it doubled it’s money. If they ever did a sequel they need another screen writer – did not like the script.

Meanwhile – love Alex’s instagram!


OT – Has anyone seen TMI?

Is it that bad? Or was it bad marketing, timing? I never relish or gloat over the failure of anything. People work and try hard. But this movie just got slaughtered on every level. Sony even lied about the movie being #1 in Australia. I came in at #4.  Man – Beastly made more money. I guess Alex dodged a bit bullet on this one. Cassie Clare is also getting thrown under the bus. She seems to do a lot of back peddling.