Alex at the Grove


11 thoughts on “Alex at the Grove

  1. Thanks Bianca! Alex looks great but he seems to be having a serious conversation! The beard is back. Hey – lets spread a rumor – Alex and Mariah Carey the new couple – spotted holding hands. LOLOL

  2. You guys, this isn’t related to this post (love the pics, though) but I didn’t want to start a new one because this is negative. But that idiot, Blue font printed this stupid article on IMBD, and I wasn’t going to say anything but then I couldn’t help myself. It made me really angry, basically about “actors who could have made it big and blew it” and Alex’s name is listed. I just can’t believe this guy is like, hounding Alex’s board to prove his point, and it’s so negative. I was really upset, and so, yeah. Just wanted to share.

    And I know — ignore, ignore, but I don’t want his poison to fill Alex’s board with no defence. I just can’t do it.

    Also, Karen, I did notice that you’d posed something about IMBD and Rush. We will go see that one, because my husband is a huge car racing fan and Chris H. isn’t so bad for an evening. 🙂 But really, the IMBD people — so many really nasty ones. Ugh!

    • Ok what is wrong with that guy?! When Karen said he went all the way to change his name and he probably followed her to the Rush board. And now he made a list?! This is really sad and creepy.

  3. Yeah, I know. I’m not sure if he was the same guy on the Rush board — Karen, what made you think that? Maybe he was and I missed something? But I don’t want Alex’s board infiltrated with his crap but I’m trying so hard to ignore him. He’s like a gnat buzzing around and you just want to take a fly swatter and squish him.

  4. There is clearly something wrong with that person. I have a feeling it’s a guy. He definately changed his user name or created a second user name. I have imdb pro and I could see from his message history. I really hate IMDB and I swear I won’t go on and then I do – argh!

  5. I agree, there is something seriously scary wrong with him. I check IMDB, and usually don’t go on –– but I had to say something. The guy is obsessed.

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