i know im sorry

I’m sorry i’m doing this right now but i need to vent so Rileys’ rep has said that her and rob are not together and the media even caught riley and alex together why do they even keep coming up with these lame stories about how her and kristen have gotten into fights and all this other stuff about some stupid rumor just because its robert pattinson ugh sorry no one has to comment i just felt like venting


3 thoughts on “i know im sorry

  1. It’s just the state of the media right now. They have no standards, no responsibility, and no morality. On person can say anything, and that’s enough for hundreds of other outlets to repeat it as true. The fact is that these outlets like US, and Hollywood Life and Perez Hilton don’t care what’s true and what isn’t, they just want the clicks and they’ll do anything to get them. Then there are millions of people who will accept anything as truth if they’ve read it on the internet. It’s a sad state of affairs.

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