The Howling Heart is out!

This will be my last post about my book unless something miraculous happens…like it gets adapted for film, and Alex gets cast as Riley. The e-book is available on Amazon right now. It will be available on more sites within the next few weeks, depending on how quickly they do their updates. The paperback should be available next week on Amazon. You can visit my author site or my Goodreads blog for updates. There’s a cool fanvideo on Goodreads with clips of Alex. If anyone decides to buy my book, I hope you enjoy it and can envision him as Riley. 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Howling Heart is out!

      • Thanks, April I write eight to ten hours a day, if not more. Gave up my day job to write. Almost got in with Dan Brown’s agent but story not strong enough, so I started all over again. Taking a class in Sept with Kelly Armstrong’s teacher (amazing author) so we shall see. I am (if nothing else) bloody determined.

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