Beautiful Alex at the Butler Premiere


19 thoughts on “Beautiful Alex at the Butler Premiere

  1. OH MY GOD!!! He is…… (Oh right i shouldn’t use the word “gorgeous”. It has been overused here haha). He is Drop Dead Hot!!! 😀

    • Checking Jamie at the premiere of TMI gives “The City of Bones” a whole new meaning…;)..No, I´m mean; I have nothing against Jamie…but he should start to eat.^^

  2. He looks like something is wrong with him and his suit was cheap looking. TMI fans seem split down the handful of fans that continue to retweet hate for Alex and the hate that Jamie is Jace. Man – it’s been a year!! Whether is a hit or a bomb – please TMI fans – drop it.

    Jamie mugged grotesquely at the camera – sticking is tongue about at what looked like a lame premiere. Alex – looked and behaved like a gentleman.

    OK – I swear – I am not bashing Jamie but I really have had enough. The say Alex snubbed his nose at TMI to take on Magic Mike and the Butler – well come on.

  3. As cheesy as it sounds, he is really one of those guys that just keeps getting better with age!! WOWZA!!! Imagine when he’s in his late 20s, good lord, I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it!!

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