Really Jamie….

LOS ANGELES — “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones” fans had something to say about Jamie Campbell Bower long before he was seen onscreen as Shadowhunter Jace.

And it wasn’t good.

“The negative reaction was more about physicality than anything. They wanted Alex Pettyfer because Alex was ripped and I wasn’t,” Bower, 24, said of the “Magic Mike” star.

“I thought, ‘Well, I can go to the gym, but I’d rather someone slake me for my acting ability than slake me for the way I look.’

“I’m aware,” added the British model-turned-actor, “that without those people who bought the books, I wouldn’t be sitting here. You have to give them respect.

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I  don’t see Lee Daniels or Steve Soderberg calling you – nor do I see Alex slagging on you. Class it up and don’t hide your jealously.


13 thoughts on “Really Jamie….

  1. Jealousy at its best and it is so disappointing and I love the butler I went and saw it on opening night my younger sister who’s 15 hates me for making her go she doesn’t like the movie very well

  2. I don’t see that Jamie was saying anything bad about Alex. He acknowledges that Alex is good looking, yes, but he doesn’t say that Alex is a bad actor in any way; he doesn’t say anything about Alex’s acting. He doesn’t say that he, Jamie, is a better actor, just that at least no one said anything about his acting, and in fact many did. What he’s had to go through with TMI’s stupid fans is just as bad as what Alex had had to endure because of their stupidity.

    And the fact is everyone thought Alex looked like Jace and wanted him in. These were young fans of the book not critics on the merit of anyone’s craft. I’m sorry, but this is turning into a Jamie bash. Not good. It makes us just as bad as them.

  3. Yeah, I agree. Alex should have no connection to TMI just like all the other actor’s who are not in the film. Now the thing has become such a huge comparison, that it’s got JBC feeling insecure. And he will never be able to live up to what Alex “could” have done, because we’ll never know. So if Jamie is good, it will still reflect on Alex, and the same if he isn’t. It’s ridiculous, and it’s being caused by the TMI fans. It only makes Jamie seem insecure, but still, I do not think he was in any way bashing Alex.

  4. I don’t think I was Jamie bashing. I would not do that. I did not like what Jamie said about Alex in his interview. And yes – Alex should not have been mentioned at all.

  5. Brutal is more like it. The Butler is tracking for number one spot again this weekend with You’re Next (which looks really scary) as it’s biggest competition. I loved the Butler. I may see it again. So good!

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