Oh gosh I like his bike!!



12 thoughts on “Oh gosh I like his bike!!

  1. Are you sure this is a real account from Alex? I don’t think so, why should he make a second one. Besides, as we know, Alex isn’t a man who shares his personal life with the public, so why is he posting so much? Not like the typical Alex, what do you think? Nevertheless this account has beautiful photos of Alex and his interests 🙂 Love it

    • Why would his friend (Connor) say Alex is on instagram? He wouldn’t do that if it’s not really Alex. Also how does that person gets the pic of his dog and that pic of him and “Jesus”?
      So yeah I really think it’s Alex. And Riley is following that acount, so is his friend Connor

  2. Sara – I agree with you. This is very un like Alex. He has been super private for years and suddenly – he has instagram. But then I saw Connor and Riley were friends with him. I still feel like this is unusual for him.

    • Those are exactly my thoughts, too. I still cannot believe that it´s his instagram although it has to be him – who else should it be?
      But Chris could be right.
      I don´t know, I just don´t want him to feel he HAS TO share private things (especially if its unlike him).
      Please excuse my bad English; I hope you understand what I want to express.

  3. I think that there is a very real possibility that someone advising him told him that if you want to have a serious career in Hollywood nowadays, you have to have social media presence. And quite right, too.

  4. Chris – I think you may be right. Especially now that Thor Bradwelll is his manager – and only brought over 6 actors with him to LBI. He still have two agents at WME but Thor his his main person – I assume. Well – greedy me loves it ! LOL

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